Are you leaving people out of your friendship?

Take this quiz honestly and dont pretend. Ok enjoy the quiz! 3 personalities

published on March 29, 201612 responses 0

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Do you think you are a good friend?

Of course I never leave out my friends.
Um who said that i have friends?
Well I think I am a good friend but I like to hang out with one friend more than the other.

Lunch time. who do you sit by?

BFF! This is our time to talk about our day!
BF! I can show off to all of the other 6th graders!
No one. I'm to amazing to sit by these stupid people!

Recess. who do you hang out with?

well i was going to hang with my best friend but ill choose a random popular group instead.
Me and my BFF always play basketball together and let others play too!
What friends? Oh you mean my followers? Well they only follow me around.

Friday night and you have 2 tickets for you and a guest to a comedy show who do you pick?

My boyfriend for sure!
My best friend! We do everything together!
Well I would choose the friend with the most money so she can buy me things!