Are you on Santa's nice or bad list?

Are you on Santa's nice or bad list? Are you good or Mean? What do you thing yewr on?

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Are you nice or mean (everyone will probably pick nice, please be honest!)

mean-ish sometimes
very nice!

Do you think you'll be getting presents from santa?

eh, you could say dat?
mmmmmmmmmggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh NO! NEVER!
You know me *says in angriest way possible*

How often to you behave in school/college?

eh, every one-in-a-while- wait! what is this? ELA?
mostly every day
when i'm not distracted TBH

Teacher:Listen up,class

soooo me
only when tired


heh? english, now!
gagag? please use english


did you just say something?.

Are you on santa's good list?

George(my bro):Say No! Me:Yes
Anna(my sister):You have been! Me:I'll be honest...