Are you beautiful inside?

Are you beautiful inside?

This quiz is not about outer beauty at all. It is about inner beauty, and how good of a person you are. So if you're looking for input on fashion, here is not the place.

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3 doors are in front of you, all glass so you can see what's behind them. The 1st door has a wildfire. A basket of babies is hanging from the ceiling that's about to burn. Next to the door is a suit that will protect you from the fire but it takes 3 minutes to put on. The 2nd door has chained up starving people in one corner, but their food is moving towards a trash compactor! The block where the people are tied up is on the opposite side of the room, and the floor is tiny squares of conveyor belt that the food is on. The belts are the only place for you to go. You'll die if you stand on one too long. The 3rd room has a ladder going up to the ceiling where slaves are tied up and about to be blown up. When you reach the ceiling you have to untie the slaves before the bomb comes and get them safe. If you choose the 1st door, people in all doors will go free. If you choose the 2nd door, people in the 2nd and 3rd will go free. If you choose the 3rd door, only the 3rd people will go free. What door do you choose?

I choose the first door.
I choose the first door, but I put on the safety suit.
I choose the second door.
I choose the third door.

The world is going to explode in five minutes. There is a spaceship that'll withstand the explosion, and everyone is getting onto it. You are hurrying to get on before they seal it, when you realize you forgot some things at your house. You'd left your cat, your sister's medication, your mom's special locket, and your dad's shoes. Sadly, the cat is at the far right of the house, the locket in the far left, the shoes by the door, and the medication in the center. You have five minutes until the explosion. It takes two minutes to run to your house, and two to run back, so you'd have one minute to gather what you forgot. But it will only take one minute on your return trip if you toss the belonging to your family onboard the ship, but less than that if you use some sort of device to launch the belonging. It takes ten seconds to get the shoes, one minute to get the cat or the locket, and 30 seconds to get the medication. What do you do?

I'll take two minutes to run to the house. I have three minutes left. Once I'm at the house, I'll take two minutes to
grab the locket and the cat. I have one minute left. I get the medication, leaving me with 30 seconds until the
explosion. Since it takes two minutes for a complete return trip, 30 seconds will get me 1/4 of the way. I take the
charm off of the locket chain and put the charm in the medication bottle. I tie the chain to the bottle and tie the
other end to my cat. I use the weight of the cat to toss the package until it lands safely in the ship.
I get my sister's medication and my cat. That takes one minute and thirty seconds. The trip there takes two
minutes, so that's three minutes thirty seconds so far. I run 3/4 of the way back to the ship and take my chances
on jumping in.
I would grab the cat and make it back just in time. I'd see what happens if my sister missed out on her meds.
Are you kidding? No way am I risking my life for something as trivial as a locket!

You're at school when you see a new girl. She's sitting alone at a table for lunch. All the other kids look to be gossiping about her. What do you do?

I go up and sit with her. We start a conversation and I compliment her on her clothes.
I go up and sit with her, but we don't really talk that much.
I tell the gossipers to stop whispering, but that's all.
I leave her there but there's no way I join in on the gossip!

Your best friend asks you if her clothes are ugly. Secretly, you don't like the shade of blue she's wearing for her shirt. What do you say?

"You're rocking that top, Gracie! I love the way you paired the earrings with those pants!"
"That shade of blue isn't my favorite, but you can really make anything look good."
I change the subject.
"Girl, I don't like that top, but your pants sure look cute!"

Some bullies are teasing the new kid in his wheelchair. They call him "Roly-poly" and the r-word. What do you do?

I bravely approach them and say "Stop!" When they leave, I offer to help the kid in the wheelchair.
I tell them to stop, and then hurry on my way.
I wait until they finish, and then I comfort the kid.
I'm scared of the bullies, so I don't do anything.

For your birthday, your friends pool their money to give you a gift card to the bookstore. That's not what you wanted at all, so they must have misunderstood your hints. What do you do?

"Thanks so much! Maybe we can split the money!"
"This was very thoughtful of you guys!"
"I'll put it to good use. Thanks for thinking of me."
"Thanks, guys."

You did some research online for social studies class and stumbled across a charity that helps families get clean water. You want to donate but don't have the money. The next day, your mother surprises you with twenty dollars for your birthday. You've also been saving up for a new bike, and you only need $20 more. You have no other money, and you've already spent your other birthday money. What do you do?

I take the twenty dollars and donate it to the charity. They need water more than I need a bike.
I donate ten dollars to the charity and put the other ten dollars towards my bike.
I use the money for the bike, but hold a mini-carnival in my neighborhood to see if I can raise some money for the
I buy my bike. Maybe I'll come across some other money for the charity.

You want to go to the fair next weekend, but your aunt says she's booked a trip to help out at a pet shelter, and she invites you. The fair is only for that weekend, and you want to go. What do you do?

I give up the fair and eagerly help out at the shelter.
I ask my aunt if I can help her some other time at the shelter.
I go to the fair for Saturday and help out for an hour on Sunday.
I go to the fair. After all, I really wanted to go.

You have $50 to spend for your friend's birthday. She loves puzzles, and you see a five dollar one that looks cool. You don't have to spend all the money on your friend. You also see a cool $50 jewelry box, and know it would be great for your friend to store her art supplies in. There is also a series that your friend has mentioned, and it costs $20. What do you get her?

I buy the jewelry box. She'll love it!
I buy the book series and use the extra money to get art supplies so I can make a cool card.
I buy the book series and use the extra money to buy things for myself.
I get her the puzzle and spend the $45 on myself.

You're excited to go to a museum with your friends this weekend, but your mom says you have to babysit your younger sister who has autism. You ask why your parents can't babysit, and they say that they need a date night. What do you do?

I babysit my sister. The museum can wait until another weekend.
I babysit my sister, but spend most of the time on the phone with my friends.
I set up a Skype call with my sister so I can watch her while I'm at the museum.
I go to the museum. My sister can wait.

You're at a sleepover when one of your friends suggests you watch a horror movie. Your other friend says she is very afraid of horror things. You don't mind what you guys do. What do you say and do?

I suggest that we all play a nice game of Checkers.
I watch the movie, but we all play some board games when it's done.
I offer up a compromise - we'll all play with a Ouija board, instead!
I watch the scary movie, but give my other friend a blindfold and some headphones.

Your friend just told you that her relative is very sick with an inoperable tumor. What do you say and do?

I comfort her and we sob together. Afterwards we make a scrapbook of the memories we have of the relative.
I offer to visit the relative in the hospital with her.
I throw a small party to try to cheer her up.
I feel uncomfortable, so I change the subject.

Your older brother is working on a very important homework assignment in his room. Your sister wants to sneak up behind him and scare him. You know that he'll be mad if you interrupt him, but you also laugh at the idea of scaring him. What do you do?

I tell my sister to stay out of his room so he can concentrate.
I wait with my sister outside of his door so we can scare him when he comes out to get a drink.
I leave my sister to scare him. I don't want to get in trouble!
I scare him. It's worth it to see the look on his face!