Who's your favorite Beatle?

Who's your favorite Beatle?

that's right--imma guess which one of their faces you stared at for WAY too long last night. Don't even act like you didn't.

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What's your "type"?

Cute boys. Big, usually dark eyes and full cheeks, but a nice chin. I find them insanely hot, and I don't like "manly" men, I never
understood how they're supposed to be attractive.
Intelligent, almost nerdy seeming boys. Tall and thin is my thing!
Seemingly shy boys, but with a quirky aura to them. I always love exaggerated facial structures as well.
I like boys with a natural humerous aura. I'm also into boys that don't get as much attention :(

Do you like leather?


Who's left handed in the group?


Do you like leaders, or tend to relate to the members?


Are you religious?

nope. Almost/completely atheist
eh, I guess I believe in spirits/other
I'm more spiritual than religious
I am!

Did you have a crush on handy manny?

um... ehehe this is confidential, right?
no tf

Do you agree with vegetarians?

no, they're annoying!
eh, they can do whatever they want. They can be irritating, but I don't really care.
I respect them, but meat isn't a big issue
I respect them and totally agree with all their views, but unfortunately I cant let go of meat due to circumstances.
I do! I'm one myself