Your Elemental Story: Part 1

Your Elemental Story: Part 1

You're in a world where you have elemental powers. But what element do you control? What is your name? What's your backstory? What do you look like? This quiz will tell you the first part of your life in this elemental world. Have fun! (I will be making a Part 2 and probably a Part 3 of this, by the way.)

published on June 10, 201554 responses 11
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I'll get this over with: What's your favorite color?

Fiery amber
Spontaneous turquoise
Peaceful purple
Electric blue
Calm green

What animal do you most relate to?

A lion or tiger
An eagle
A dolphin or sea otter
A penguin or polar bear
A fox, owl, or deer

RP starts... now! Okay, so, you're minding your own business in your room, when all of a sudden, you feel someone's presence. You turn around and see a man standing there. He's dressed in a black suit. With a snap of his fingers, a vortex swirls around you. When it disappears, you're sitting in a chair, looking at a painting. You love the painting. What is the painting of? What painting could make you feel that way?

It's an erupting volcano
It's a snowcapped mountain
It's a sunset on the beach
It's a wintry grove
It's a forest

Suddenly, the man appears again. He takes the picture away from you and places five necklaces on a desk to your right. Which necklace do you choose?

The ruby one that glows with a passionate burn
The diamond and obsidian one with feathers and beads tied into it
The opal and seashell one tied with twine
The crystal one with a sapphire in the center
The jade one with strange inscriptions on it

End of the RP! Sorry! Anyway, what is your favorite subject in school?

Social Studies

What worldwide change would you welcome the most?

Me becoming world leader! Mwahahaha!
Being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want
Every human being treated equally
Better technology
More care and attention to the environment

What superpower sounds coolest?

Being immune to fire
Breathing underwater
Elsa's powers

When you have a big exam coming up, what do you do?

Have a group study party with my friends
Study for a few minutes every other day
Forget about it until the day it happens and then spend the morning cramming
I just chill; it's not worth the stress
I spend every day studying like crazy

What party sounds the coolest?

A wild party at a rock concert, complete with booming music, spicy food, and fizzy drinks
A party with friends at my house, complete with carbonated water, cookies, and dancing
A trip with my best friend to the beach, complete with s'mores, swimming, and truth or dare
A trip skiing with my close friends, complete with hot chocolate, watching sports on TV, and nachos
A party with my family, complete with board games, Dr. Pepper, and muffins

Which cat would you rather have?

A fluffy tabby cat with bright green eyes and a spunky personality
An active Siamese who loves to play games
A calm Persian, who loves to relax
A Maine coon, who would lie in my lap and sleep when I read
I like dogs, not cats