First Kiss! Part One: Who will it be with? (For girls only)

First Kiss! Part One: Who will it be with? (For girls only)

Okay, I got this idea from another Qfeaster, but it won't let me say who. Anyway, this quiz will tell you who you will have your first kiss with. And I apologize if you take this quiz and you're bisexual or lesbian. I hope I don't offend you. I had limited time when I made this, and I wasn't able to change "boyfriend" to "girl/boyfriend" or "significant other."

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In your opinion, the perfect Friday night would include...

Spending time at home with my family
Having a wild party
Hanging out with my best friends
Going on a date
Having a sleepover with my friend

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Take a walk
Have a dance party with my BFF
Go on a shopping spree
Go out to eat
Spend time with my friends

Which shoes are so you?

Cute flats
Heeled boots
High heels
Just some normal sneakers

Where would you LOVE to go on a date?

The movies
The mall
A romantic restaurant
The park
My house

What would you do if you broke up with your boyfriend?

I would cry my eyes out!
I would listen to breakup songs and eat chocolate
Turn to my family for comfort and advice
I would hope we could still be friends
Well, it was nice while it lasted...

What's your clothing style?

Something cute but appropriate
Flirty, and I don't care WHAT shows!
Anything comfy

Your best friend calls and tells you that her parents are going to divorce. What do you do?

I immediately head over to her house and comfort her
I plan a slumber party to cheer her up
I give her advice on how to deal with it
I stay on the phone with her for hours and listen to her rant
I say sorry, then hang up - how do I deal with THAT?

Which word describes you best?


Which color do you relate to the most?

Calm blue
Popular pink
Friendly yellow
Romantic red
Fun-loving orange

Which element do you connect with the most?


If I were to look into your backpack, what would be the first thing I'd see?

A notebook
My iPod
My wallet
Lip gloss
A photo