Do you have a crush? (2)

Do you have a crush? (2)

Is there a boy or girl that you have a crush one? Find out in this awesome quiz

published on October 05, 201631 responses 1

Do you have a crush?


Does someone you know keep looking at you?

Sometimes but not alot

What does he/she do when you bump into each other

He/she smiles
He/she talks a conversation with me
He/she does nothig and does a little wave then runs of with his/her friends

If you knew that you had feelings for them would you tell them?

no I don't want them to know
I'd keep it in for a while until i really need to get it out
I really don't care

What if another person that turned out to be your BFF asked him/her out, what would you do

Try and stop her/him she is putting to much at risk
Let her go. you don't care that much
Don't let her/him go, you need to wait till your moment

If your crush was gossping about how awesome you are to his/her frieinds, how would you feel?

Nothing, i'm just that awesome

If your crush asked you out what would you say?

Yes, I had a crush on you too!
I'd think about it
I'd say no

What would you do if you thought he'her was cheating on you?

Don't peak in, it is none of your buisness
If he is cheating, let him cheat

Do you think that you have a crush?

Yes I think I do
I think I do... Who knows
No I don't think I have