should you like him and does he like you?

should you like him and does he like you?

This quiz is for those kids out there who can't date but found a keeper...or so they hope.

published on August 31, 201616 responses 2
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Does he like you?...
Has anyone told you he likes you?

yes, his friends told me.
yes, some of my friends told me.
No, but I have suspicions.
No, but I hope he will.
Yes, he told me.

Is he good looking?

It doesn't matter if I'm in love.
yep, he is smoking.
eh...I wish

Is he kind?

He has done very nice things even before he knew I liked him.
He doesn't like me but is still very nice.
We like each other but he sometimes can be a little inconsiderate.
NO, he is a jerk...but I still love him
he is kind unless his friends are around.

Is he smart?

Yes, I always hear about his awesome grades from people and everyone knows he is a genius!
No, he struggles.
No, he often skips school.

Does he ever flirt with you?

Yes, all the time.
Kind of, it's usually me doing the flirting.
I don't really talk to him he doesn't know I like him.
only if his friends aren't around.
No, he just kinda walks away.

are you guys the same age?

No, I'm older by a little
No, I'm older by a lot
No, he is older by a little
No, he is older by a lot
yes we are about the same age

Do your friends like him?

No, they think I'm crazy.
Yes, they think he is perfect for me.
eh, kind of but they don't think he will like me back

Does your family like him.

No, he doesn't share religious beliefs.
My family doesn't know
yes, but they tease me a lot
No, they don't really know him
Yes, they are hoping that I can date him in high school.

Do you think he would want to date you?

Yes totally.
Not really
maybe I guess
I don't know he barely knows me

What do you want your results to be?

I want them to say yes we are perfect.
I want them to say no and to move on
I have no idea