What's your style (#2)? (girls only)

What's your style (#2)? (girls only)

This quiz will tell you what your style is. Girls only; sorry, boys! :D

published on April 30, 201540 responses 15
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What thought do you find yourself thinking most often?

"I wonder if I'm late to this meeting..."
"Oh, my gosh! Brad is SO cute!"
"What should I draw next?"
"I wonder what Martians look like."

What shirt would you most likely wear?

A crisp white shirt
A sparkly, hot pink t-shirt with a unicorn on it!
A ruffly pastel pink tank-top
A shirt that depicts a #2 pencil, saying, "I want to be #1!"

Where would you be most likely to go after school?

School? No, I go to work.
To the mall, to meet up with my friends!
The playground.
Probably a rock concert, the bookstore, or a fast food place.

What dessert do you like more?

Chocolate-covered strawberries
Chocolate syrup!

What fruit is your favorite?

Hmm... watermelon

Choose a purse.

A black leather one
A cute kitty clutch!
A fluffy blue bag with stuffed animals inside!
A mail-carrier's bag

Someone just called you an idiot. How do you react?

"Young man, that's very inappropriate!"
I burst into tears and hide in the bathroom.
I start bawling. I stand right there while I cry my eyes out.
I say, "I know you are, but what am I?" and then run off laughing.

When someone tells you that the word "gullible" is written on the ceiling, how do you react?

I say, "Oh, I don't fall for that."
I laugh and say, "That's a good one. I'll trick Joe with it later!"
I immediately look up to see where it is!
I'm the one telling the joke. I literally did write the word "gullible" on the ceiling!

You see a four year old boy reading Shakespeare aloud in his cute, stumbling voice. What do you do?

I remove the book from his hands, telling him, "You shouldn't be reading that, young man."
I get a video of it and post it on Instagram.
I giggle and try to help him read it.
I laugh and go over. We pretend we're Shakespeare.

What's your favorite subject in school?

I don't go to school.
Lunch, definitely.

You are in the car with your little brother. He says the word "poop." How do you react?

I say, "That's not funny, Charles."
I groan and yell at him to stop telling me his stupid little baby jokes!
I burst out laughing and say, "Toilet!"
I sigh and say, "I believe it is called 'feces,' my dear friend."

What book genre is your favorite?

Nonfiction or historical fiction
Romance or fantasy
Fiction or children's books