What type of friend are you (1)

What type of friend are you (1)

Find out what type of friend you are. How do you treat them, can they trust you, do you trust them lot's of factors go into determining the answer. Take this fun quiz, if you like it please share, and check out my other work. If you like most of(or all) my work, then follow me, usually if you follow me I follow you back. This quiz is new and, improved.

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You see your friend with someone else. what do you do

Go and hang out too
Be surprised, but kind of relieved
Get mad, and demand to join
Hang out with someone else
Get upset

There is one cookie left who gets it

neither of you
share it
They (almost) always get it
very evenly split it, and savor at the same time
Compete for it

You and your friend go to hang out but where

Where your friend wants to go
Where you guys go the most
Where you want to go
At a common hang out spot
Some where you both like

It's your friends birthday what do you get them

Pick from the list
The thing they want the most, that you can afford
Buy what they want one for them, and one for you
Get the cheapest thing they want
Get a generic, common gift

Your friend wants to get matching shirts but the shirts are ugly

Get it to be nice, but in a different color
Tell your friend it's ugly, and they should find new ones
Get the exact same one ugly or not
Get it, you pretty much don't have a choice
Get a better looking, but similar one

Your friend wants to go see a movie you hate, what do you do

Go hang out with another friend, or just say no and, go home
Go you do every thin together
Go, you have to anyway
Demand to see a different one
Go for your dear friend

Your friend buys a hideous sweater,and ask how it looks you

Get a matching one
Say horrible
Say good (not like it matters)
Don't say anything
Say great, but try to get them to change clothes

You're friend is suddenly mean what do you do

Be even meaner
Act like that to, but be nice to your friend
Be friendly, and offer support
Stand up for yourself
Nothing out of the ordinary

Your friend doesn't want to hang out. You think

Why we do (almost) like every day
Oh why, is there a problem
They'd better
Oh, Now the don't need me
Ok, it`s normal