Boy or Girl?

Boy or Girl?

This quiz is for you to see if you were meant to be a boy or girl. Take is seriously.

published on May 28, 201735 responses 8 3.2★ / 5

What would you do?

Get beauty products!
Eat junk food!
Play video games!
Text all day!
Watch a movie!

What would you wear on weekends?

A dress!
A casual shirt and skirt!
A shirt with a picture of a demon!

Would you rather be a...

A YouTuber!
A Beauty girl!
Pffft... A prankster!

You saw a bug what would you do?

Skwash it!
Skwash and say "Eww"
Do nothing

What would be a gross thing you would say "Eww" to?

Touch your own private area!
Touch eggs!
Touch river water!
I wouldn't say "Eww"