Where will you be in 20 years? (1)

Where will you be in 20 years? (1)

I bet a lot of you want to know what you'll be doing in the future. Well, if you want to know your future, take this quiz! I'm not saying it will be accurate, but still - it's all for fun. Enjoy!

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When you get home from school, what's the first thing you do?

Start on my homework
Hang out with my friends
Do some chores
Play video games
Take a nap
Whatever I want!

RP! You're having supper with your family when your parents announce that you are moving across the country. How do you react?

"Okay. Where are we moving, exactly? And when do we leave?"
I burst into tears - I'll never, ever, ever see my friends again!
Well, it's what's best for them - I don't question it
I go to my room and refuse to come out - there is no way I'm moving!
I argue with them for approximately 1 hour and try to convince them not to move
It's kind of sad, but I can deal

You're in the car, your suitcase packed and in the trunk. A moving van follows you. What did you pack in your road-trip bag to keep you entertained?

My journal, a sharp pencil, my phone, my wallet, and sunglasses
My phone, some earbuds, lip gloss, and my wallet
A book, a notepad, and a pencil
A camera, a notebook, pencils, and my phone
My markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and sketchbook
A neck pillow, my iPod, and some comfy headphones

Your parents stop to get gas, and they say you can go in the gas station shop to get a snack. What do you choose?

An apple
Sour gummy worms
Two candy bars - one for me, and one for my sister
A few bars of my favorite candy and a bottle of my favorite soda
Sour candy
A water bottle and chocolate bar

You finally get to a hotel. What's the first thing you do?

Go to the front desk and ask, "Excuse me, but is there WiFi or maybe a swimming pool here?"
Text my friends
Help my parents with our bags
Play hide-and-seek in the hotel room
Beg my parents to turn around and move back into our old house
Collapse on the bed

Weeks later, you arrive at your new house. Inside, you choose your room, but everywhere in the entire house is dusty and dirty. What do you do?

Start wiping up the dirt and grime
Text my friend pictures of the house, hoping for sympathy
Ask my parents if they need any help unpacking
Think about how awesome my room will look when I'm done unpacking
Start unpacking - I can make this work!
Go outside and flop down in the grass - so... exhausted...

(RP ended) What type of clothes do you usually wear?

Sophisticated - blazers, formal outfits, statement pieces, heeled boots
Bright - neon shirts, sparkly skirts, colorful leggings
Casual - jeans, sweaters, patterned shirts
Unique - graphic tees, colorful hats, ripped jeans
Strong - bright shirts, skinny jeans, combat boots
Comfy - sweatpants, fleece, sweatshirts

On a scale of 1-6, how confident are you?

1- I'm not really confident at all...
2- I can sometimes be confident...
3- I'm normally confident.
4- I'm pretty confident.
5- I'm really confident!
6- I'm super confident!

What's your hobby?

Shopping, definitely.
Singing or dancing!
Drawing or daydreaming
Reading or writing
I have a LOT of hobbies!

Which word describes you best?


Which Divergent faction would you fit into?

Abnegation - I'm generous
Amity - I'm friendly
Candor - I'm straightforward
Dauntless - I'm courageous
Erudite - I'm smart
I'd be Divergent - I don't fit into any of these molds