Minecraft: Are you survival or creative?

Minecraft: Are you survival or creative?

This quiz will determine what gamemode best fits your personality and preferences.

published on April 28, 201547 responses 14 4.5★ / 5

Why do you play Minecraft?

For a challenge
So I can build things

When you build things, do you like it to be easy or challenging?


Do you like fantasy or realistic fiction better?

Realistic fiction

Do you like playing games where you are immortal?

No, that's too overpowered

What do you concentrate most on when building?

How I'm going to make the next piece of furniture
How I'm going to use it to my advantage

Do you enjoy PvP?


Does unlimited supplies sound good to you?

No, that's too complicated
Yes, it does

How do you like to do things?

As quickly as possible, so I can focus on the detail and creativity
The hard way, so I can feel proud when I accomplish something

Which would you rather build?

A castle
A functional house

Do you get overwhelmed easily?