Qfeast Questers Part 1

Qfeast Questers Part 1

Enjoy the show, if you haven't checked out the prologe already I really recommened it.

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Your a young student who wants to study ICT (computers) for a living as your parents both work with them and you dream to follow in their footsteps. To do this you have applied to a new school where it's only focus is technology. Being the new student isn't always fun, but you get along pretty well in your opinion.

Alright, computers, I can live with that!
A new start sounds nice!
Do I have any friends yet? No? Then lets start!
I hope i'm good at ICT at least
^I'm sure we are!
Hope my parents are gonna be proud!

"__!" You sit up at the sound of your teachers voice to see him stood over you frowning. He tugs his left ear "These are for listening, use them" He says before walking off and continuing his rant. You roll yor eyes at the sniggers a few other students sent your way. "As I was saying" Your teacher continues. "You will be paired up with someone you dont normally work with" He starts listing a few names until he gets to yours. "__ and Carly" You look up from your desk to look at your team mate who is staring right back. She rolls her eyes and carries on messing on her phone.

Something tells me she doesn't like me
Hiya! I hope we can be friends!
Are you going to be on your phone for the whole thing or...
Carly was it? Nice to meet you!
*just carries on staring*

After class you see Carly walking off. Wanting to catch up with her to discuss your project you run after her. "Carly!" You call but she doesn't seem to hear you. She walks away from the other students but thinking nothing of it you carry on running after her. She goes behind a school building to meet up with 6 other people, all with strange watches. Not wanting to interfer you turn away thinking maybe you can catch up with her later but something they say peaks your curiosity. "Are you up for the task?"

Ohhhh! Lets eavesdrop! :D
I don't want to seem rude...
^Oh come on! It could be fun!
Its not like its some sort of goverment secret or anything ¬.¬
Maybe we can be-friend them!
Plus I really do need to talk to Carly

After waying your pros and cons you listen into their conversation. "So, you got all that?" One of the girls ask. "So I have to hack into your system to make some sort of barrier? I can do that!" "Cool" One of the guys say. "Will you do it now?" "Or do you have something else to do?" "Well...I have a project I have to be working on but i'm gonna fail anyway, I have a rubbish partner" "Then its settled!"

>.<U ohhh
Ouch my feels
Okay, that hurt
Well screw you too Carly -_-
And I thought we could have been friends T.T
No longer wanting to talk to Carly

Scowl at Carly but she still has no idea you are there and takes one of the watches. You catch the name on the watch "Laurane". Carly tinkers with the watch for a while and you see what she is doing. Why? hat doesn't go there...why is she even fixing that its perfectly fine. Something told you this girl had no idea what she was doing. "Done" She says. "Now it should be done, now pay up" "We didn't offer you money" "Guess i'm keeping the watch then" "Oh no, you can't do that!" "Watch me!" Carly pockets the watch and turns around to walk off.

I'll get that watch back for you Laurane!
I dont see why not, Carly was a butt anyway
Though that watch is kinda strang looking, never seen one like that before!
Maybe we should keep it!
Lets just give the watch back, we knopw its the right thing to do

You follow Carly again and catch up with her. "Hi! About the project?" You ask. You eyes catche the watch in her pocket. "Look, i'll be honest with you" She says tuning around crossing her arms. "I don't want to be seen with you, so don't act like we ar friends" You reach out of the watch while shes destracted. "Dont talk, don't look or even be in my direction, got it __?" You nod pocketing the watch "Good, toodles" She walks off and you smirk. "No problem, Carly, I wont" What colour is the watch you are holding?


You head back to the building to find the others. "Hey, I got your watch ba-" You pause when you see they are not there. Strange, if they left you would have saw them. You shrug it off and admire the watch in your hands. It had these strange nobs and buttons that you hadn't seen on a watch before. They wouldn't mind if you tinkered with it, would they? After all, you did get it back from Carly. Eyeing a large bright button you press it. Suddenly you feel sick and dizzy. You close your eyes and feel the air around you move quickly until there was nothing. No noise, no sickness. No nothing. You slowly open your eyes. Your no longer in the schoolo grounds but ouside in the open, the place looked empty, broken. Where were you. You look back at the watch in shock. Did it just...trasport you?

Wow....Lets explore!
I'm kinda freaking out right now!
What did those guys do to this bloody watch?
Okay, I need to find a way out of here and fast!