Why are you a life-saver for your friend?

Why are you a life-saver for your friend?

When your friends need help, how do you help them? Quiz from QuizFest

published on August 05, 201519 responses 3
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Your friend's birthday is coming up, you:

Get her something she's been talking about.
Write her a really sweet and thoughtful card.
Give her a silly picture of the two of you!

One of your biggest strenghts is:

Remembering things
Helping others
Not letting things get you down

Your best friend calls you up:

When they need to vent
Is they need help solving a problem
If they want to laugh

Your bestie is freaking out about a zit. You:

Listen to her
Give her a tip on how to cover it up
Tell her nobody will notice

If you're bud asks you for your fashion opinion, you always:

Ask her what she thinks first
Tell her the truth
Give her a complement

When it comes to a BFF, you look for someone who:

Is really talkative
Asks you questions and values what you say
Has an upbeat attitude

You like Twitter because you can:

Find out what everyone is thinking 24/7
Give and get advice almost instantly
Send sweet messages to your friends whenever

Do you typically say what's on your mind?

No, I can be quiet
Yes, 100% of the time

You like TV shows and movies that have:

A detailed story line
And inspiring message
Bubbly characters