Which Character are you From the Wayward Pines series?

Which Character are you From the Wayward Pines series?

I know most people have never read this trilogy, but I highly recommend it! It is freaking amazing! Though it may have some harsh language, this series probably changed the way I perceive humanity. I love it...

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Welcome to Wayward Pines, where Paradise is home!
In this city, you will live by the rules we set for you and do as we say. You can't leave. If you are rebellious, we call a fete and kill you.
Have a nice stay! ^^

I'm leaving. If I don't get out alive then at least I won't be in this freak house.
I'll stay. Be a good resident. At least I'm still alive.
All part of the big picture, I think.
I'll be alright. I have all I need.
But I guess if it was taken away from me... then I might as well die.

You don't have a choice in the matter anymore- you're leaving.

Good riddance.
Yay! I can go back home!
This isn't good.

Well, it's not what you might think. It's better! An honor! You have been selected as a nomad- a person sent out beyond Wayward Pines to survey the world out there.

Well if you hadn't cooped everyone up in this creepy town, we'd already know what the world was like.
I'm starting to think this isn't a good thing.

Yeah! But the world is mighty different. We are now something like 2000 years into the future. There is an evolution of humans out there- blood thirsty and intelligent. We have chosen you to be a nomad because you have shown us a clear head, calm mind, and good physical fitness. You supplies will be a backpack containing water and food with a few guns in case you have to kill one of them. You may pack a few small tokens with you for memory.

Hail no! I ain't going!
But... I'll DIE out there!

Instead of being sent on your nomadic mission, you are sent back out into the town of Wayward Pines as a spy. You are told to report back to the Mountain once a week to tell the government how the civilians are doing.

That's wrong! I have to spy on them?
Eh, okay.
Great! I'll do the best I can.

Hehehe, the rp's over.
I'm going to ask you some (seemingly) random questions now.
Your situation in the romantical subject at the moment?

I love two separate people but chose one over the other.
I fell in love with someone and they loved me back, but they chose someone else.
I fell in love with someone yet they cheat on me... I am loved by someone else.
I have no preference/ too young for this.
I fell in love with someone but they don't love me as I love them.
Yeah... but they left me.
Everyone loves someone.

Leader or follower?


There is a secret about the city you are running yet none of the residents know about it.
The secret is potentially devastating- the residents might not be strong enough to bear it.
Do you tell them or keep it a secret?

Keep it a secret.
Tell them!

Lets say you lose everything. Your friends, family, reason to exist, and the person you love.
What do you do?

Build back up from rock bottom.
The building will never be the same but at least there is a building.
Lock myself up somewhere. Quiet, secretive.
I dwell on something to escape from reality.
If I have no reason to live, why live?
Jump off a cliff~

Scenic or direct route?