Would I date you?(Girls Only)

Wanted to see if any of you girls would be a match. Take this and let me know what you get. Thanks!

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I feel I'm physically attractive. What type of guy do you find attractive

Athletic and fit
Round but tall
Anything with a six pack
I dont care tbh

What body type do you have?

Athletic and fit
Curves in all the right places
It shouldn't matter

What color are your eyes?

Nothing spectacular but trust me they are pretty

How tall are you?

5'10 or up

Can you be fun to take out but still know when to class things up?

Maybe, I haven't tried it yet
A dress? No way

Every guy is going to ask eventually sooo... Nudes?

Eww nooo
Only if I feel the time is right
If you send them first
You can get more than that ;)

Your friends will describe you as..

Stuck up
A know it all

You are..

The preppy cheerleader
Book worm
Out all night party animal
Eww just leave me alone

Do you wear..

Lip piercing
Belly piercing
Glasses (not shades)

I play sports. What sport do you like?

I hate sports
Any sport

You leave a store and a homeless person ask you for change. You...

Ignore him/her and walk away
Offer him/her money if he/she washes your car
Give him/her the rest of your leftover change
Lie and say you spent all you had

Like I said I play sports. I have a big game coming up this weekend but you wanted to go out with your (girl)fiends. Do you...

Tell me your sick and go out with your friends
Tell your friends you are sick so you can go to my game just to make me happy
Push the time back so you can go to my game and then out with your friends after
Forget it you decide to stay home and do nothing

I like to give back. Say I invite you to attend a charity event with me do you...

Say "awwe, I'll love to!"
Say " as long as I don't break a nail"
Say "HAHAHA you must be kidding!?"
Say "sorry but that's not my thing"

When you walk down the hall at school do you...

Ignore everyone and listen to music
Look at the floor and hope no one talks to me
Smile happily and say hello to everyone
Have all the guys beg to walk me to my next class
School is for chumps

If you see me talking to another girl (JUST talking) do you..

Say nothing be get made later
Go flirt with a guy
Go and karate chop her in the neck and then give me a wet willy
Nothing because you trust me

What would you do if a guy starts to flirt with you?

Flirt with him then tell him you're taken
Give him your snapchat name for later
Break up with me because his six pack is better than mine
Karate chop him in the neck then give him a wet willy

How many guys have you been with?

All of them
Still haven't had one

In school you..

Work hard, study and do good
Try but I amnot too good
Use my looks to get good grades
Thought I said school is for chumps

Our first date would be at...

Exclusive restaurant
Bed ;)
Any where fun

Our first kiss would be..

The first date, if it goes right
Maybe after the third date... If you're lucky
As soon as I see you