So...pretty much what's in the title...If this gets a lot of likes, I'll make a Part 2 and even a Got7 one.

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You are getting BTS ready for their next Weekly Idol interview. This is the first time you're allowed to pick the idol you're working on. Who do you choose?

Rap Mon

You go to the person you picked. He's already sitting down. You smile at him and start working on his hair. He smiles back at you with that special smile reserves only for you. No doubt he shares the same feelings you have for him.

Like me? I hope he can tell me apart from the other stylists!
I hope he just knows that I can sing...I want to sing with him once...
I want him to cook...for me...I don't know...I'm a little hungry
I'm just thinking of sleeping with him...*slaps his shoulder* Wake up! Don't fall asleep now!
His teeth are perfect...wait...why am I thinking about his teeth?
He's doing aegyo...I don't care about what others say, I love his aegyo...
I only want to take care of him...I don't want to do the others, I only want him...

You watch the interview alongside the cameras. BTS drive themselves crazy trying to dance to songs they sang two years ago, then complete challenges. Then things cool down a little. Doni and Coni joke around a little, then become serious and ask this question. "Is there anyone you like?"

Jungkook...am I?
Hobi...will you say me?
Namjoonie? Do you like me?

He thinks, then looks down. Coni sees him. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah...I was just...thinking of a new dance move!"
Coni laughs. "Let's see it!"
And just like that, the interview continues.

*sighs* Of course I'm not special to him...*turns and leaves*
*just leaves* Forget this interview...
Of course...of course...
*cries a little* No...*regains composure* It's okay...*turns and leaves*

It's been days after the interview incident. He knows you're upset, but he can't figure out why.
You watch the interview again on your laptop and pause on the part where you left. Angrily, you shut the laptop.
You hear footsteps behind you and turn around.

Jungkook! *stammering* What-what are you doing?
Jimin! *puts the laptop away* What-what are you doing here?
Jin! *stammering* What-what are you doing? This is my room!
Suga! *stammering* Uh-uh-
V! Why are you in here?
J-Hope! What are you doing here?
Rap Mon! *stammering* What-what are you doing in my room?

He saw it. You know he saw it.
He shakes his head and leaves.
Instantly you feel guilty. You sigh and think about what he would do now.

He'll never cook for me now...
I'll never see his aegyo again...
Will he tell the others?
Sh*t...what have I done?
Bye alien...
I never got to dance with him...now he's mad at me...
He probably thinks I'm a creep...

The next day, PD-nim sees you. He needs to tell you something important. Probably wants to fire me, you think. He takes you to the Bangtan Room and hands you a pair of headphones. He tells you to put them on, then leaves the room.

What the heck?
I thought I was going to get fired!
Uh...okay then...