are you a good friend? (11)

this quiz will test you to tell you if you are a good friendly and trustworthy person (please answer every question honestly)

published on July 06, 201527 responses 11 3.7★ / 5

your friend gets hurt or falls down;
what do you do?

run down and help her/him and get a little worried
walk away and dont care
walk down and say normally ''whats wrong?''

you do a spelling test in class
your friend gets lower marks than you
wjhat do you do?

say its okay
say better luck next time looser
say OMG its ok it was a good try in a nice way

a group of people are bullying your friend
what do you do?

help your friend
stand up to the bullies
start bullying too

your friend cuts her hair very short
what would you do if shes sad about it?

say shes a boy look everyone
say it looks nice anyways in a normal voice
say OMG it looks so good on you dont worry!

your friend has a lunch time detention for forgetting her homework at home
what do you do?

say to your friend well its just too bad and walk away
stay outside the detention room and wait for your friend
say ok when you finish meet me at the canteen