Would we be good friends? (4)

Would we be good friends? (4)

I know there's a lot of quizzes like this, but I want to make some friends on here, and I wanna see who would be a good friend for me. :)

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Do you like animals?

Only a few of them
No! I freaking hate them!
I love all animals!

You see me getting bullied. What do you do?

*joins the bully*
*gets defensive and almost punches the bully*
*walks away and pretends to not see me*
*tells the bully to stuff it and get a life*

Do you like nature and being outdoors?

Yes! I love hiking, camping, and anything outdoors!
No, I prefer to stay inside.
Yeah, but not all the time.

Me: Do you wanna hang out today??

Nah I'm tired.
I can't but maybe tomorrow?
Sure *bails on me at last minute*
I can't I'm doing homework *goes out with other friends*

What would you like to do in your free time?

Go to the mall with my friends
Look at memes all day
Go to the water park
Do chores