Which Afton are you? (FNaF)

Which Afton family member are you? Are you William Afton, the murder? Elizabeth Afton, the daughter? Are you Michael Afton, the nightguard? The Crying Child, the victim?

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Thoughts on killing?

It's a horrible thing to do, but I
will do it if I absolutely have to.
It's one more thing to be afraid
It's nessesary sometimes.
It's not good, and I should not
do it.

The innocent?

I will run them over if I have to.
(and/or) I don't care about
I am the innocent.
I protect the innocent.
What about them?

Favorite animatronic? (Of the ones below)

Baby! She's so amazing!
They all scare me
I hate them all/I like them all
Golden Freddy is kinda cool.
I like Foxy.

Least favorite animatronic?

The Marrionette. She screws
everything up at the last
second. So annoying
I just hope he dies in a fire.
He deserves it.
Ennard. So creepy.
(Or any other SL animatronic)
Foxy scares me.
I don't hate any of them!
They're all wonderful!

Your best quality?


Favorite quote? (Of the below)

"Actions speak louder than
"I've got a dream."
"Good things come to those
who wait."
"Waking up to face the same
demons every day. That, my
dear, is true bravery"
"If you cannot do great things,
do small things in a great way."
Whoever is happy will make
others happy, too"
But man is not made for
defeat. Man can be destroyed,
but not defeated.
"You cannot shake hands with
a clenched fist."

What do you feel like you need to say the most?

I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
Thank you.
I should have listened to you
Let me explain it to you.


I have Fredbear.
And my other friends.
They sometimes scare me.
I'm social, but I have a best
We're close.
I'm kind of a loner.
I've got a few good friends.

How's your sense of justice?

Not trying to brag, but I think it
is pretty good.
What's that?
It's not great.
It's okay.
I'm not sure.
I hope it's good, but I don't
want to say yes, because what
if I'm wrong?

Your mistakes...

Usually affect other people.
Mainly affect me.

Whuch is worse?


Worst quality?

Reckless and/or sacrificial;
Poor sense of self preservation

Protagonist or antagonist?

I'm the main character.
I'm a conflicted antagonist.
I'm not evil.

Which song reminds you most of your personality and life?

Born to Lose - Ray Charles
Thinking to Much - 21 Pilots
Glorious - Mackelmore (And
Skylar Grey)
Hide and Seek - Liz Robinet

Thinking or feeling? (Heart or head?)

Feeling (Heart)
Thinking (Head)

Favorite game?

FNaF (The first game)
FNaF2 (The second game)
FNaF3 (The third game)
FNaF4 (The fourth game)
FNaF World (The adorable RPG
Sister Location (The fifth
Pizzeria Simulator (The sixth

Favorite type of animatronic?

Originals (FNaF1)
Toys or Withereds (FNaF2)
Phantoms (FNaF3)
Nightmares (FNaF4)
Funtimes (SL)
Freakshows/Scraps (FNaF6)

One day, you decide to take a walk in the park.
You see a person sitting on a bench.
Walking closer, you realize that they're crying.
What do you do?

I keep walking and try to ignore
I sing them a song or tell them
a joke.
I go ask them what's wrong
I'm too shy to go talk to them,
but I pray for them or cry for
them that night

Most relatable character/Who are you most like (from the following choices)

Luigi (Mario franchise)
Sans (Undertale)
Alphys (Undertale)
Buddy (Elf)
Petra (Minecraft Story Mode)
Ellie (The Last of Us)

Spirit animal?

The Wolf
The Flamingo
The Dog/The Bird
The Lion

Who is your favorite Afton?

William Afton
Michael Afton
Elizabeth Afton
The Crying Child

Who do you want to be?/Who do you think you are?

William Afton
Michael Afton
Elizabeth Afton
The Crying Child
Oh my gosh. Just give me the
freaking results!