What Mythical Creature Are You? (7)

What Mythical Creature Are You? (7)

Just like a bunch of other quizzes on Qfeast, this quiz is going to determine what mythical creature you are.

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What are your favorite colors?

Pastel pink and lavender.
Bright orange and red.
Minty green, gray, and brown.
Silver, ink black, and navy blue.
Pearly white, soft blue, or misty gray.
Rusty red, golden yellow, or jade green.

After a long day, how would you choose to relax?

By lying outside in a hammock, reading or drawing.
By reading comics or graphic novels, or trying to solve riddles.
By wrestling or playing games with my friends.
By spending some quality time with my best friend.
By running around outside or taking a walk.
By writing or watching TV.

If you were in a kingdom, what would your rank be?

The queen.
Why, I'd be a jester!
A knight.
A servant, slave, or peasant.
The princess.
The king, of course!

What is your favorite food?

Red peppers or something spicy.
Any vegetable.
Tea or water.
Probably a salad - maybe even fruit salad!
Pizza or chicken wings.

If you were walking in the woods when you noticed a small lost child, what would you do?

I would help them home and comfort them.
I'd point in the direction of the nearest town.
I'd growl at them and tell them to get away from me.
I'd stay away - they'd be terrified of me!
I would offer them a ride all the way home.
I'd go back to town and alert them of the lost child.

What would be the perfect vacation for you?

Visiting family or something.
Going on a camping trip!
An awesome trip to a sports game!
Just a trip to the nearest historical site.
A trip around the world!
A trip bungee jumping or rock climbing in dangerous places.

What is your best quality?

I am very good with kids.
I'm very funny and clever.
I don't let much bother me.
I stay out of the way and I'm passive.
I am very nice to everyone.
I'm courageous and brave!

What is your worst quality?

I hardly ever stand up for myself.
I'm very short tempered.
When I get angry, there's no telling what I'll do!
I can be too withdrawn sometimes.
I'm disrespectful when I stand up for what I believe in.
I sometimes bully people, even though I'm just trying to be funny.

What are you most upset about?

I'm different from everyone else, and I feel self-conscious.
There's this one problem I can't seem to solve, but I want to solve it.
It's too easy to defeat certain people. I want a challenge.
Everyone misunderstands me, even though I try to be nice.
I must hide my talents and/or affections for certain things or people because my family/friends tell me not to.
People don't respect me enough, although I'm the boss and I should be respected.

What are you happiest about?

I think I found someone who will turn out to be a lifelong friend.
I just got addicted to an awesome new game, and I play it all the time.
I have just made the best comeback, and I'm pretty sure I defeated the offender.
My friends listen to my problems, and they help me get through them.
I've just earned a new freedom because I've been extra responsible lately.
Someone just gave me a compliment and it made my day.

What is your biggest fear?

Getting separated from my family.
I'm afraid of someone getting all the credit for something I did.
I am afraid of people disrespecting or making fun of me.
I fear being abandoned or neglected.
I fear losing something dear to me.
Getting thrown out of power.

What is your biggest desire?

I wish to acquire peace of the mind and body.
To have everyone look upon me as wise.
I wish to have everyone fear me.
I wish that people would stop being afraid of me and see who I really am.
I wish to travel and see new things.
I wish to become ruler of the world.