What Career is Perfect For You?

What Career is Perfect For You?

Have you ever wondered what you're going to be when you grow up? Well, this quiz might help! You don't HAVE to become whatever your results say, but who am I to stop you?

published on September 04, 201530 responses 11
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When you get home from school every day, what is the first thing you do?

I play video games
I start on my homework
I play sports
I draw something
I practice an instrument or sing
I read or write
I go to my clubhouse

What is your favorite subject in school?

Any subject!
Reading or writing
Social Studies

What present would you be most excited to receive on your birthday?

Some cool soccer cleats
Lots and lots of books
A telescope
A button-making machine
Piano lessons
A sketchbook and colored pencils
A laptop

What sounds like the best vacation ever?

A trip to the Air and Space Museum
Going to Washington, D.C.
A trip to see a game between my favorite sports teams
Going to see my favorite artist and getting drawing lessons
Getting a book signed by a famous author
Going to see an orchestra concert
Going to the Natural History Museum

A genie comes up to you and says, "I will grant you three wishes. The first one must be somewhere you want to go, the second one must be someone you want to meet, and the third one must be something you want to do. What are your wishes?" What is your first wish?(#1)

To go to Mars
To go to the biggest museum ever
To go to the Athlete Hall of Fame
To go to a model runway
To see Beethoven's birthplace
To see the biggest library in the world
To go to the White House

What would your second wish be? (#2)

To go back in time and meet Neil Armstrong
To go back in time and meet Albert Einstein
To meet Shaquille O'Neal
To meet tons of famous fashion models
To go back in time and meet Mozart
To go back in time and meet Shakespeare
To meet the president

What would your third wish be? (#3)

To discover a new planet
To make my own school
To win the Superbowl
To have my own clothing line
To compose music as great as Bach's
To write a book and have it win a Newbery Honor
To go back in time and witness important historical events

Who is your idol?

Neil Armstrong
Sir Isaac Newton
Babe Ruth
Ralph Lauren
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Kate DiCamillo
Abraham Lincoln

If you were a millionaire, how would you use the money?

I'd pay for a trip to the International Space Station
I'd buy school supplies for poor children all over the world
I'd buy my own sports arena
I'd hire fashion models to model outfits I designed myself
I'd buy a cello crafted by the best artist, with the finest wood, and I'd buy a bow with hairs from a unicorn's tail
I'd by a high-tech computer and rent some office space and start my own publishing company
I'd hire my own Secret Service agents to follow me around everywhere and I'd rent a limo

Last but not least, what word describes you best?