What Animal Jam alpha are you? (1)

Do you play Animal Jam? Have you always wanted to know what alpha fits your personality? If so, take this quiz!

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What Animal Jam alpha are you? (1)
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What's your favorite subject in school?


Please don't kill me...
*deep breath*
What's your favorite color?

Green, brown, or other earthy colors
Black, gray, or navy blue; they're mysterious
Purple, hot pink, anything like that!
Lavender, wildflower pink, or turquoise
Regal colors, like red, gold, or orange
White, brown, gray-blue... anything subdued

Which clothing item is your favorite, out of these?

Hula skirt
Worn blanket
Candy cane socks
French braid
Mad scientist hair

Which den item is your favorite, out of these?

Any plants or flowers, because they're natural
Portals or phantom statues... I like the phantoms...
Masterpieces and art easels! I love art!
Couches, pillows, mats, or beanbags - I like comfy things
Flags, any thrones, or a feast table, because they're royal
Computers or arcade games; I like machines

Which pet do you usually have out?


You see a New Jammer saying "how do I get gems" in the chat. What do you do?

I never turn away from someone in need; I go up to them and try to explain it the best I can
I don't help them - they need to learn how to play this game themselves!
I tell them, and then I buddy them and trade them some cool rares!
I help them, of course! I remember when I was only a New Jammer, and kindhearted people helped me!
I'm much too busy to help them.
I don't even notice them, really; I'm too busy focusing on something else.

Where do you usually go to watch videos in Jamaa?

Brady's Lab, because I love learning about the jungle
Wild Explorers Tent- I love Cami, since she's so silly and outgoing!
Gabby's Animal Hospital; it's so cool to see how she takes care of injured creatures
I just go to the Jammer Central to see what the newest video is.
Conservation Center - those animated shorts make me laugh every day!
I never watch videos; they're boring

You see someone saying "Please gift me for mailtime video!" What do you do?

I gift them a beta; I wish I could see the smile on their face when they open it
I gift them a Rare Item Monday that I don't want
I gift them something like a spike - I don't really care about rares, anyway
I don't gift them anything, because they're being kind of greedy
I ignore them; they'll probably get enough gifts from everyone else
Ugh! I hate when selfish Jammers do "mailtimes!" I don't gift them anything, but I send them a Jam-a-Gram saying
"Stop being greedy!"

Which Animal Jam YouTuber is your favorite?


How much time do you spend on Animal Jam?

I hardly ever get on
About half an hour every other day; I'm not addicted
Probably half an hour a day, so I can gift people
Usually an hour a day, because I need to collect my Daily Spin bonus, and buy all the newest items
An hour or two every day, so I can spend a lot of time in adventures
I get on a few hours every day! I love seeing my buddies, painting Masterpieces, and playing games!

What's your favorite part of Animal Jam?

Gifting people
Collecting rares
Making Masterpieces
Meeting new friends
Playing Adventures
Finding out tips and tricks