What candy are you? (6)

What candy are you? (6)

Out of the options, which candy are you? You could be a butterscotch, gummy bear, lollipop, chocolate, or more!

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Okay. RP time!

School starts next week. What do you do?

I squeal with excitement - I'll finally get to see my friends!
I groan and flop face-down onto my pillow.
I call my best friend and we start planning our outfits.
I go shopping for school supplies.
I comfort my little sister, who's terrified of starting second grade.
I go school-clothes shopping and pick out the wackiest outfits.

You find out that your teacher is going to be Mrs. Martins - the meanest, strictest, oldest teacher in the whole school! What do you do?

I get nervous. What if she ruins my first day?
I begin planning a way to slip a pin on the seat of her chair.
I smile. Old people are cool!
I wonder if she's old enough to tell me about the Civil War! Or when Lincoln was president!
I don't care who my teacher is. I just want to get school over with.
I call my friend and complain.

It's the first day of school, and Mrs. Martins pronounces your last name wrong. What do you do?

I nervously correct her.
I say, "Mrs. Fart-ins, get your eyes checked! You pronounced it soooo wrong."
I say, "Um, excuse me? It's n-not- it's not- it's not pronounced that w-w-way..."
I say, "Excuse me, Mrs. Martins, but it's pronounced 'Nup,' not 'Kuh-nup.' The K is silent."
I confidently raise my hand and correct her.
I snicker about it with my friends after school.

When the class gets back from lunch the next day, someone has turned all the desks upside-down, stacked the chairs in a tower, and crumbled Styrofoam all over Mrs. Martins' desk. What do you do?

I nervously stand back with the other students.
It was me who pulled the prank in the first place!
I say, "I'll help!" and cheerfully start picking up the Styrofoam.
I say, "Whoa! That chair tower is going to fall soon! Everybody out!"
I offer to help her clean it up.
I laugh about how agitated she looks!

When you get home from school that day, what's the first thing you do?

Tell my parents every single detail of my day, down to the color of Mrs. Martins' shoes.
Meet my friend at the park to pick on some little kids.
Run outside to play with my friends.
Start working on my homework.
Help my brother with his homework.
Go spy on my sister and her friends.

*fast forward to April vacation*

Your dad suggests that the family all goes on a trip to Disneyworld. What do you want to do?

Go to the playground and swing every day
Well, definitely not go to some stupid baby park!
Stay at home and hang out with my friends
Go to Washington D.C. and see the house where Lincoln died
Go to Disneyworld and get Mickey Mouse's autograph!
I want to sleep in.

Your family ends up going to Disneyworld. What are you most looking forward to on the trip?

Getting to meet Ariel!
Nothing! I hate Disneyworld!
Going on fun rides
Relaxing in the hotel
Going on Nemo themed rides
Eating awesome food

On the plane ride home, your brother keeps pulling your sleeve and asking, "Wanna play Tic-tac-toe? Wanna play Tic-tac toe?" What do you do?

Suggest that we do something else instead
I say, "Shut up, twerp!"
He doesn't have to ask twice! I jump right in and play with him.
Agree to play only two games, and that's it
Say "Sure!" and play with him
Close my eyes and pretend I'm asleep

When you arrive home, you find that someone has broken into your house and stolen your TV and computer. You notice faint footprints leading away from your house and into the woods - where your father had built a tree house for you years earlier. What do you do?

I tell my parents about the footprints
I go inside the house to check if anything else has been stolen
I burst into tears
I call the police
I get my Swiss Army knife and follow the footprints
I go to the tree house

You remember that you've saved more than $500 and hidden it under a floorboard in your closet. What do you do?

I get $200 from it and bring it to my parents
I keep it for myself
Nothing; I'm too busy crying
I get the money and give it to my parents
I tell my parents and offer to use it to replace the stolen items
I tell my parents that I saved $100