Could you survive a Saw trap?

Could you survive a Saw trap?

Hello people of qfeast I want to play a game the rules are simple all you have to do is answer these questions if you can answer them all we may see if you have what it takes to survive

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Have you ever seen the saw movies

Yes I like them
No I don't want to

How are you when confronted with blood?

It doesn't scare me
I can't stand the sight of it
I'm used to it
I can hardly watch any vampire movie

Are you good at making tough decisions?

Not really
No, I can't tell people anything they don't wanna hear
Yes, people often turn to me to make those tough calls

What's your pain threshold like?

I don't like it but I can handle it
Vary good I like a challenge
I'm not sure I don't think I've ever experience true pain
I can't handle pain at all

Pick the worst of these you've ever done

Had an affair
Called in sick when I wasn't
Returned a rental late

Are you good at finding things when you've lost them?

I never lose things in the first place
I can't even be asked to look
No and I lose things all the time
Yes, I'm practically a magnet for lost things

Which of these is most important to you?

My reputation
Being confident
Staying true to myself

How do you stay in shape?

Cardio - running, biking etc
I walk to work and around town
Strength training - reps, squats etc
I Don't get in shape

Which of these things scares you the most?

Sharp things
Nothing scares me

Do you value your life

...I don't know