How close are you and your friends?

Super fun quiz! (Not mlp themed) See how close you and your friends are in this quiz. Quiz from QuizFest

published on August 23, 201526 responses 1
How close are you and your friends?
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Your friend has to stay behind in class. You:

Wait for them outside.
Tell them to meet you after.
Walk away.

Your best friend just announced that they're moving. You:

Cry for days, maybe weeks.
Tear up, but make a plan to see them.
Plan a big going away party!

How often does your group hang out?

Almost every day
A few times a week
Only on weekends (choose is if you only hang out at school)

Your parents surprise you with a last minute vacation! You:

Ask if your best friend can join
Call your friends about the news
Start packing!

If you talk to your friends all day, you would:

Think they were mad
Send a quick text
Not think much of it, it's ok

You want some alone time after a bad breakup. Your friends:

Come over anyway
Say they're here if you need them
Give you your space

Your best friend complains about going their sibling's game. You:

Invite yourself to go
ask if they want company
Tell them to text you while they're there

Your best friend was invited to a party and you weren't. You:

Just show up
Tell them to ask if they can bring you.
Don't worry about it

How's your best friend ever just decided to sleep over without asking?

More times than I can count!
Yeah, if it's not too late
No, only when I asked them to

How comfortable is your best friend at your house?

They basically live here
They usually ask to come over
They're only over for sleepovers

Would you get jealous if your friends hung with a new kid?

Yeah Totally
Maybe a little
Nah not at all

If your best friend spotted you eating with your crush, they'd:

Come sit with you
Say "hi" and leave
Probably not bother you