are you ghetto

this quiz see if your ghetto see if you a gangsta. see if you know the hood slangs and the rap songs and more.

published on October 22, 201433 responses 4 4.3★ / 5

when somebody says somethin to somebody that was kinda offline do you say ooohhh are you gonna take that?

no why would i do that i don't wanna start trouble?
yeah sometimes.
yeah of course i wanna see fights.

who made the anaconda song

nicki minaj
miley cyrus

who made the song hot ni**a

2 chainz
bobby shmurda

do you get hit with a belt or used to

yes all the time
no why would my parents do that?

do you say finna instead of gonna

yeah i do

do you say ain't

no not really
yes i say it alot.

do you cuss

yes the f**k i do
no i don't
sometimes i do

who made the song all me.

ludacris lil wayne and lil jon
2 chainz drake and big sean
kid ink sage the gemini and chris brown

do you get in fights.

no violence is not the answer
yeah all the time dees bi**hes aint loyal my god.