What Song Should You Listen To? (1)

These are all going to be Taylor Swift songs, so if you don't like TS, don't take the quiz.

published on August 11, 201518 responses 1 3.0★ / 5

Do you regret anything now?

Yeah. It's all my fault!
Nope, everything is perfect!
Yeah. I wish my heart wasn't broken
I only regret I ever spent time with that loser!

Choose on how you feel?

: (
: D
): (

What do feel like doing?

Telling the person I like how I feel about them.
Telling the person how sorry I am for leaving them.
Hanging out with my bf/gf.
Crying. :(
Punching my ex in the face.

Do you have a bf/gf?

No, but I might soon. I like this one person...
I used to. But I blew it. :(
Yep. I'm very happy!
I used to. Until they ditched me. :(
Yeah, we broke up though. THAT JERK!

Is anything bothering you right now?

No. Just thinking about...Someone. <3 Will they ever notice me?
Yeah. I never should of left. :(
Nope. Everything is perfect. <3
Yeah. How could they do this to me??
Yes! I hate them!