What is your spirit animal? (11)

What is your spirit animal? (11)

Again, on my "What quiz do you want me to make?" poll, this had one vote. Please, enjoy.

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When someone angers you, what do you do?

I try to calm down, but it usually doesn't work
I immediately forgive them, and we go on living life as usual
Filled with rage, I immediately get revenge
I don't take any action at the moment, but I find a quiet way to get back at them
It's hard to anger me, but if it does happen, I find a way to let them know
I furiously jump up and tell them exactly why they're wrong
I take some deep breaths
I yell at them, but calm down quickly

What is one of your biggest strengths?

I'm determined
I'm very friendly
I have good instincts
I don't jump to conclusions
I'm assertive
I'm rational
I can solve any problem
I'm understanding

How do you act under pressure?

I become nervous and react harshly
I immediately become very protective and defensive
I get scared and act impulsively
I'm quiet and observant, searching for an answer
I'm usually passive and level-headed
I'm on edge, and suspicious of everyone around me
I'm quick-thinking and reasonable
I get fussy, irrational, and cranky

So you know how there's a food chain in nature? Predators on top, and prey on the bottom? Well, unfortunately, there's also a "food chain" in society. Where do you stand, on a scale of 1-8?

1- I'm passive and vulnerable, and I don't pick on anyone else
2- People sometimes make fun of me, but I try not to let it bother me
3- I can sometimes irritate or anger those below me in social status, but I'm not doing it on purpose
4- I'm wary, and act on instinct, but people know enough not to anger me
5- Even though I'm higher up on the "chain" than some, I don't abuse this power; I'm not a bully
6- Though my observant nature makes me seem passive, I tend to play around and pick on people below me
7- I am aggressive and jump to conclusions
8- I'm impulsive, and I often hurt people accidentally

HOW do you spend your downtime? (1)

Swimming, eating, or playing sports
Having fun or playing
Jogging or hiking
Reading or thinking
Eating, sleeping, or doing yoga
Relaxing - sleeping, sitting outside, etc.
Writing, drawing, or solving puzzles
Listening to music

WHERE do you spend your downtime? (2)

At a lake or pool
At the beach or spa
Wandering around
In my bedroom
In the woods
In a lounge chair, in the front yard
Just around the house, I guess
It varies from day to day

If I were to ask a random teacher of yours what they think of you, what would they say?

"They tend to be very sarcastic and sassy."
"They're always talking to their friends, and have a hard time paying attention."
"They jump to conclusions too quickly, and often rush through things."
"They're too quiet, and hardly ever participate."
"They don't hesitate to speak their mind.. if someone ticks them off, they lash out."
"They get quite defensive sometimes when they're only asked a simple question."
"They're very focused, but can sometimes get so focused that they block everything out."
"They're way too picky and fussy."

When you get home from school, what's the first thing you do?

Take a walk
Call my friends
Fight with my sibling
Get a snack
Do my homework
Practice an instrument

Out of these, what scares you the most?

Being beaten at my own game
Natural disasters
All my hard work being thrown away
Nothing - I can adapt to any situation

What are your dreams usually about?

Being killed
Screaming, but no sound is coming out
Wars or fighting
Public humiliation
Having superpowers
Being trapped
I rarely dream
It changes.