Are you a nice person? (4)

Are you a nice person? (4)

Do you stand up for others? Do you make sacrifices so other people can be happy? Are you a nice person? Well, this quiz will tell you.

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You see a turtle that is stuck on its back. No one else is around. It is struggling to right itself. What do you do?

Of course I help it! I gently pick it up and put it on its feet again, and then I watch it to make sure it doesn't get into
any more trouble.
I right it, and then I kiss its shell before walking away.
I pick it up, carry it over to a safe place, and make it a nice little shelter.
I carefully help it, and then I walk away.
I laugh at it - it looks hilarious! Then I leave it.
I reluctantly walk away - maybe someone else will see it.

Your friend, Melody, is pretty unpopular. She invites you to her birthday party, where you'll go to a restaurant and then have a sleepover. All the other guests have denied their invitations. The problem is, her party is on the same day of Kennedy's party - Kennedy is the most popular girl in school! No adults will be there, and there'll be spin-the-bottle, plus tons of other cool games. Whose party do you attend?

Obviously Melody's! She's so sweet and kind, and I've known her for my entire life! We'll have so much fun together!
I go to Melody's, but I tell Kennedy that I'm so sorry I can't go.
I go to Kennedy's, but I send Melody a gift and a card.
I go to Kennedy's, telling Melody that I'll take her on a make-up party another time.
Kennedy's - there's no way I'd even be friends with someone who's unpopular.
I go to Kennedy's - I'm afraid it would hurt my reputation to NOT attend.

Kennedy's best friend, Sarah, is the queen-bee-in training. She's bossed you around a few times before. But today, you see Sarah sobbing in the bathroom. A classmate tells you that it's because Kennedy stole Sarah's boyfriend, dissed her in front of her friends, and started a dirty rumor about her. What do you do?

I go comfort Sarah. Even though she's been mean in the past, she doesn't deserve to be treated like this. When I'm
done with Sarah, I go find Kennedy and yell at her, and then I work on getting rid of the rumor.
I make Sarah feel better, but I'm afraid of Kennedy, so I don't say anything to her.
I leave Sarah alone. I feel kind of bad for her, but she was kind of mean to me before, so she doesn't deserve
I know how it feels to be bullied, so I go up to her and try to make her feel better.
I laugh. Serves her right! Then I go spread the rumor some more.
I don't want Kennedy to start a rumor about me, so I don't do anything.

Melody calls you to tell you her cat, Buttons, just died. Buttons was only a few months old, and he was hit by a car. What do you do?

I burst into tears, buy some flowers and candy, and head over to Melody's house. We hold a funeral, and I give her
the presents. I sleep over at her house for the night, and offer to take her on a special shopping trip to make her
feel better.
I take Melody out for ice cream, and we look at old photos of Buttons together.
I immediately go to her house, and we share happy memories of Buttons.
I'm crushed - my pet has died before, so I know how she feels. I go to her house, and we cry together.
I yell at her for being such a crybaby. It's only an animal! She doesn't have to sob about it.
I don't know what to say - it's kind of awkward.

Your little brother - Mike - has been having problems with a bully, Brad, at school. One day, your brother comes home in tears. He says that Brad called him a bunch of names, and threw a rock at a baby bird. What do you do?

When I drop Mike off at school the next day, I find Brad and scold him, telling him not to ever make fun of anyone
ever again, and also never to hurt an animal ever again.
I hug Mike, and give him some advice.
I sympathize with Mike, but for fear of Brad bullying me, too, I don't try to stop the assault.
I tell Mike a whole lot of tips on dealing with bullies, because I've had experience with this sort of thing before.
I laugh, saying, "Seriously? Grow up. Brad's just poking fun at you."
I ignore Mike - I don't want to get mixed up in all of this.

Melody shows up to school in a neon green fuzzy sweater, pink sweatpants, and socks with sandals. She asks you what you think of her new outfit. What do you say?

"Wow! It's very bright and pretty! I love your style, Melody! So unique!"
"You look amazing, as always."
"It looks super cool, and I love your shirt!"
"Er.... um.... that looks really ugly. Never wear that again."
I lie, saying, "Well, your pants go great with that shirt!" because I don't want to hurt her feelings.
I change the subject.

Your sister, Amy, has a birthday coming up, and she wants an American Girl doll - a rare one. The exact one she wants is $70, and you can buy its limited edition accessories and clothing for an additional $20. She's been begging for this doll forever. The AG dolls Amy already owns are in great condition, and she plays with them a lot. There's also another non-rare AG doll on sale for $40. Plus, Amy is kind of interested in arts and crafts - you can get her a pack of markers for $3, a sketchpad for $5, and a deluxe art kit for $20. All the money you have is $90. What do you get?

I buy her the rare AG doll and extras pack, of course! I know that she will play with it and take good care of it. She
really wants this one.
I buy the non-rare AG doll for her, along with the extras pack. I don't spend the last $30.
I purchase the non-rare AG doll and the deluxe art kit.
I get Amy the rare AG doll, but I save the last $20.
I don't get Amy anything, except for a card.
I buy her the markers and sketchpad.

Mike and Amy go to the same school, and they're both in the play, and they've been working really hard to rehearse. The play is tonight. They're pleading with you to go. Sadly, you have plans with your friend Tara. However, Mike and Amy have gone to all of your cross-country meets to support you. What do you do?

I go to their play, of course - and bring flowers! I tell Tara that we can get together another time.
I go with Tara, but when I get back, I congratulate Amy and Mike and give them some flowers.
I go to the play, but leave during intermission so I can go with Tara.
Duh - I go to Mike and Amy's play! They've supported me at my events, so I should return the favor.
I go with Tara. I don't care about Amy and Mike's stupid play.
I stay home - I don't really want to go out with Tara OR go to Amy and Mike's play.

An email is forwarded to you, and you see that it's been sent to a bunch of other people, too. The email says, "Peter Walker is an idiot! He can't spell anything right! Forward this if you think he doesn't know anything!" Peter is a boy in your school with dyslexia. What do you do?

I delete the email and send a message to all the people in the chain, telling them that the email was cyberbullying
and that they shouldn't forward it to anyone else. Then, I send a nice email to Peter.
I don't forward the email! That's just mean!
I delete the email, and sit with Peter at lunch the next day.
I know how it feels to be bullied, so I delete the email, and then I send a quick email to the people in the chain - I
explain what dyslexia is, and tell them that they shouldn't bully Peter.
I forward the email - it's funny! Peter knows it's all a joke.
I don't do anything; it's sure to go away eventually.

You're on an online chatroom, when you see someone named SassySunflower bullying someone named LavenderPie. SassySunflower is saying, "I'm so sorry that you're not letting jesus's love into your heart. Your opinions are just unspeakable, and I am appalled." Before, LavenderPie had briefly mentioned that they were an atheist. What do you say?

"Guys! Stop that! It's not right to argue about religion! LavenderPie, I respect/agree with your opinion." Then I report
and block SassySunflower.
I say, "SassySunflower, just stop bullying LavenderPie, okay?"
I say, "Well, I personally believe in a god, and here's why..."
I put in my opinion - "I'm an atheist, and here's why..."
I say, "Yass! Lavender! I agree with you!" and we chat some more.
I join in, and berate LavenderPie some more. "Lavender, jesus is the truth!" I say.
I immediately leave the chat room - I hate drama.