What is your branch

Answer this quiz to see if your a : Madrigal , a Janus , a Lucian or a Thomas !

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You take piano lessons

do it quickly so I can read
I'll do it
I will quit
no way I will not do it

You just joined the mathletes !

So not what I wanted
Why me?

Your in the soccor team !

aaww yeah
kay kay
No I am gonna lose badly
Oh no
whaaat! NO

You have a lot of free time

I'll invent a new game!
reading time !
Ill do anything!
soccer practice !
I'll make a sculpture !

You are now in the art club !

Yes what I have been waiting for
Noo not me
I suck at this

when I grow up I will be a

the next Mozart !
anything as long as im not poor !
A Bluejay team member
The inventor of the iPhone 1000
a scientist