What's your style? [girls only]

What's your style? [girls only]

This quiz will tell you what your style is. Are you trendy, elegant, sporty, flirty, "smarty", or summer-like?

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Which of these things does your bedroom have the most of?

Planners or calendars
Sports trophies
Pretty plants

Which accessory are you most likely to get?

A cute headband
A silver necklace
A shark tooth necklace
A purse
A charm bracelet

Which makeup or cosmetic are you most likely to get?

Lip gloss
Bug spray - makeup isn't for me
Nail polish, if that counts

What pet would you rather have?

A calico cat
A chihuahua
A labrador retriever
A poodle
A lizard
A guinea pig or hamster

You just posted something on a social media website. What's your big news?

"Did you hear? So-and-so is dropping out of their acting career and heading for a career in music!"
"I just got engaged/I'm pregnant!"
"My team just won the championship basketball game!"
"I just broke up/got together with someone!"
"I just won the spelling bee/math meet!"
"Summer vacation in three more weeks! I have big plans!"

What's your favorite color?

Purple or blue
Black or white
Pink or red

How is your room designed?

Painted purple, with a beanbag, and teen posters and magazines everywhere.
Focus is on the king sized bed and a white shag rug.
Painted green or blue, with sports posters everywhere and trophies on my shelves.
Lit by candles, painted pink, purple bedspread, and hardwood floors.
Very cluttered with books and paper, with my laptop on my desk.
Painted yellow, with a pink rug, and lots of flowers everywhere.

How do you like your clothes?

Whatever is cool at the moment
Classy and sensible
Whatever's comfortable and allows for movement
I don't care what shows
Whatever, as long as I can concentrate
Breezy and playful, with a 'cute' air

How would your friend describe you?


What's your favorite food?

Candy and chocolate, and also fruit juice
Chicken breasts and green beans, with mashed potatoes on the side
Gatorade, an apple, or a granola bar
Tall cakes with elaborate frosting designs
Carrots or whole wheat bread
Lemonade, Skittles, and strawberries