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published on May 14, 201430 responses 5
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Suzy wants you guys to go to her Sweet Sixteen Pool Party.. but she is kinda big.

Laugh and say "not a chance"
I will go but I'm not going to do anything
Lie and I'm busy
I will totally go! Its her big day.
I will try to have fun, but I might not.

Ugh Pam is constipated and at your home.

I am taking pics and putting this on my blog
I get her some prune juice
I kick her out with a stone hanging out her bum
i dont say anything
I leave

Tyrone just asked you out. But... he's black. Why do you turn him down?

I dont.
I just dont like him too much, hes a nice guy though.
Im a dude...
Hes black and I'm white that just dont mix.
I hate black people, I mean, who doesn't?

Your friend just lost all his money, he is now poor. He asks if you want to help him re-get his money by having a bake sale with him.

I go with him but I make sure none of my friends know.
I Disagree and walk away.
I laugh and think he'll never get his money back.
You try as hard as you can to help by making cookies.
I say yes and thats it.

I met the coolest girl in the park and then she tells me shes Jewish.

Run before her Jew Germs get on me.
I dont exactly ever text her back
I dont care, that was just a minor detail
I love Jews!!!
Ok then

Your best friend just tells you he's gay. What do you do?

I am never talking to that sicko again!
I will keep it between us and tell him "cool"
I will run
I will tell him he has made a good choice
I'd tell him OK but it is awkard after that.