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published on May 14, 201432 responses 5
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Tyrone just asked you out. But... he's black. Why do you turn him down?

I dont.
I just dont like him too much, hes a nice guy though.
Im a dude...
Hes black and I'm white that just dont mix.
I hate black people, I mean, who doesn't?

Suzy wants you guys to go to her Sweet Sixteen Pool Party.. but she is kinda big.

Laugh and say "not a chance"
I will go but I'm not going to do anything
Lie and I'm busy
I will totally go! Its her big day.
I will try to have fun, but I might not.

Your best friend just tells you he's gay. What do you do?

I am never talking to that sicko again!
I will keep it between us and tell him "cool"
I will run
I will tell him he has made a good choice
I'd tell him OK but it is awkard after that.

Your friend just lost all his money, he is now poor. He asks if you want to help him re-get his money by having a bake sale with him.

I go with him but I make sure none of my friends know.
I Disagree and walk away.
I laugh and think he'll never get his money back.
You try as hard as you can to help by making cookies.
I say yes and thats it.

Ugh Pam is constipated and at your home.

I am taking pics and putting this on my blog
I get her some prune juice
I kick her out with a stone hanging out her bum
i dont say anything
I leave

I met the coolest girl in the park and then she tells me shes Jewish.

Run before her Jew Germs get on me.
I dont exactly ever text her back
I dont care, that was just a minor detail
I love Jews!!!
Ok then