What Guy Should You Date?

Ever wonder what kind of guy is right for you? Well use this quiz to find out!

published on January 11, 201551 responses 15
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What is your favorite color

Red, Orange, Yellow
Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Silver
Grey, Maroon, Light blue, Purple
Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange

What has been your type in the past?

Mysterious, and deep
Romantic but sports-y
Poetry, coffee shops, and beanies!
Super smart, a gamer
Everything about them was perfect

For your anniversary he gets you...

BVB's new album
Chocolates and Flowers
A necklace with a cute engraving
A promise ring:)
We are just not that in to celebrating our Anniversary

Your dream guy is...

Your height
doesn't matter
Shorter than you
Really tall

What is your dream date?

A long walk on the beach, maybe a picnic dinner
A concert for our favorite band
Dinner and Movies
To a coffee shop, maybe go to a museum
To Comic-con

How do you like to spend your time?

Creatively? EX: writing, painting, photography, etc.
Playing Video Games or Reading
At the Park
listening to Music

Is he Smart?

Top of the class
Well, he has to keep his grades up for football
He is super smart, without being a know it all
School is not what's important

He is...

A loner...by choice!
Does it really matter?

You two break up because...

He has found another girl
He was cheating
You two grew apart
it just wasn't meant to be
You still don't know

Do you have a crush right now?

Maybe ;)
How is this important?