What kind of vampire are you?

What kind of vampire are you?

"Fangs...bite marks...am I a Vampire?" Are you a vampire? Vampire quizzes like this test are the only way to find out for sure if you're a real vampire. This vampire test will help you find out if you're a pure blood vampire, half blood vampire, or just a human with an imagination.

published on February 05, 201547 responses 9 4.5★ / 5

Do you sparkle in the sun?

Yea, we all do, duh!
not sure, i try and avoid the sun so i don't burn up..
can't say i do, but it does weaken me..

(Don't kill me..) what's your favorite color?

i'm color blind.. idiot.
green, no wait blue, hmm... i'm not sure, there's too many to choose from..

when someone says vampire who do you typically think of?

me: *sigh* i should have known..
Me: i wonder who your thinking about, and yourself doesn't count..

where do you sleep?

My bed
Me: *sarcasm* NOO! Really?!?!?
a coffin
hanging off the ceiling

Where Do you Live?

My house
a cave
a castle/mansion
me: yea, because i was going to somehow find your house just by you telling me what kind of house it is..

about how often do you "feast"?

Well, i haven't started yet, but i will soon!
it's been a few years.
i don't need to feast on mortals.

as a vampire what ability do you find most helpful having?

i can't choose just one, they're all amazing!
Me: how many abilities can you actually name? i can only name a few..

Well, that's all for this quiz, Bye!

See you later.
Finally, it's over..