Which (stereotypical) clique do you fit into?

Which (stereotypical) clique do you fit into?

Which clique do you belong in? Are you part of the geeks? The nerds? Take this quiz to find out! NOTE: PLEASE do not get offended! This is just for fun!

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When you get home from school, what's the first thing you do?

Shoot hoops
Call my friends
Get on the computer
Read, write, or do homework
Listen to music
Grab my sketchbook and start drawing

Which school subject do you like best?


Your friend invites you to go shopping this weekend, but you can't go because you have _________. What do you have?

A sports game
A video game tournament
I have to study
An art show
I have to spend time alone
Nothing - I always want to spend time with friends!

Which outfit would you rather wear?

Baseball cap, baggy t-shirt, cleats, and shorts
Tank-top, shorts, and sandals
Loose jeans, graphic t-shirt, and boots
Khaki pants, sweater, and sneakers
Hoodie, ripped jeans, and heeled boots
Beret, long-sleeved shirt, leggings, and flats

On a scale of 1-6, how popular are you?

1- I get bullied a lot, and I don't have any friends
2- I have a few friends, but everyone else ignores me
3- Everyone thinks I'm weird, and they're scared of me
4- Some people like me, but mostly, I'm ignored
5- My social status is pretty high, and I'm respected
6- I'm super popular!

What colors do you like to wear?

Pink, purple, gold, or silver
Gray, green, or blue
Brown or yellow
Black, navy blue, or other dark colors
Whatever our school colors are
I like to wear all of the colors!

If I opened your backpack right now, what would be in it?

My soccer ball, cleats, and a change of clothes
Lip gloss, makeup, and a handheld mirror
My laptop and crumpled up sheets of homework
Books, notebooks, pencils, and homework folders
My iPod and earbuds
My sketchpad and colored pencils

What do you usually dream about?

Meeting celebrities
Being famous
Monsters chasing me
Book characters coming to life
Falling off a cliff

What's your biggest fear?

Letting my friends and family down
Public humiliation
All my hard work being lost
Everyone hating me
Being forgotten

How do you usually say hello and goodby.e? (Qfeast wouldn't let me say the word.)

Yo; see ya
OMG hi; ta-ta
What's up; later
Hello; farewell
Hi; bye
Hey; goodbye