Hogwarts life (boys)

Hogwarts life (boys)

Yo guys! First quiz! I'll be making one for the girls, but i made this one because i've not seen many of these quizzes for boys. Hope you enjoy!

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First quiz! Wahooo! Are you ready?!?!

YES SIR! (Me: Thats it!)

I must ask... What's your favorite Color? (Out of these)

Green! Any type of it!
Blue, i've always liked blue.
Gold, silver, bronze... You name it!
Idk... Black? Or grey?

Rp time!

My favorite!

You and your friend are walking in the corridor and you see a cute girl, the Yule ball is just around the corner and you have no dates, you and your friend fight over who can take her to the Yule Ball, what so you do?

Tell your friend that he can take her.
Duel for it
Kill your friend
Do rock paper scissors

You see 2 Slytherin hulling a 1st year old, what so you do?

Walk in and beat the crap out of the bullies
Walk away, you dont wanna get in trouble...
Help the bullies and then kill the kid if he's muggle born
Try stopping it

The wizarding war is here, and you are at home. What so you do?

Apparate to hogwarts to defend it
Ha! Im not at home! Im taking over hogwarts with the death eaters!
I'll stay at home...
I'll apparate to hogwarts and kill all the death eaters

Rp time is over!

Nooo! :'(
I like rp though...
Finally! If you do that again i'll kill you!

Favorite house?


Most important to you?

I have no idea

What would you save out of these four things?

A portion that could Cure every illness in the world
The book about how to become the strongest wizard there is
A spell book from 1000 years back
The strongest wand there is