Will you get chosen for the selection?

Awesome series by Kiera Cass!!! Wanted to let you know, it is literally the best!!

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Will you get chosen for the selection?
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The Selection:

Prince Maxon, the boy the girls are competing for, comes to you and calls you "My Dear". You:

Give him a curt curtsy and chat with him.
Give a sharp kick in the nuts!
Run away from him.
Grab him and kiss him.

Aspen, your ex, takes the job as a guard in the palace and composes a note to you. After he comes to meet you, you:

Tell him he can't be here. It's too risky!
Tell him you've moved on.
Kiss him and tell him to save you.
Tell him to go away.

Do you get along with the other girls in the selection?

Yes. I'm not too competitive.
Yes, but I don't get too friendly. We are here for the same thing!
Yes, a lot. They will be the ones that will get him!
No. Prince Maxon's mine.

You see your boyfriend holding another girl by the waist. What do you do?

Demand an explanation.
Ignore it, ask him later.
Get angry at the girl.
Kiss him and forget about the whole thing.

What character is most like you?

Headstrong America
Smart Kriss
Funny Marlee
Perfect Celeste

The Elite-

What would you do if your best friend was being caned?

Run past the guards to help her
Wish for the best
Weep and wish your mom never made you enter the selection
Roll your eyes and ignore your sadness. You are here for the Prince.

How would you respond to dissolving the castes?

Good idea!
Horrible Idea!
Whatever Prince Maxon wants, I'm against!
Whatever Prince Maxon wants, I'm with!

What would you want to do to Illea?

Dissolve the castes
Revamp the public school systems
Find a new prince, claiming that Prince Maxon is a horrible one
Not let the rebels come to Illea

How would you describe yourself?

Aloof but sophisticated
Prince hating

Pick a color!


The One-

Would you be offended if some rebels said, "Choose her." About you to the prince and the prince said, "Stop! I'm the one who gets to choose!"

Yes! It means he might not like me!
No, he'll probably choose me
No, I hate him
Yes, I want him

The rebels attacked the palace. You:

Are concerned and go looking for Prince Maxon
Wait until safety than ask where Prince Maxon is
Replay the scene of the prince dying and chuckle
Cry for your beloved Prince Maxon

How do you feel about the rebels?

Like we need to kill them
That everybody can protect themselves
That they are just like us
That they are horrid creatures

What would you want your wedding to be like?

Have us, my family and his, the selection girls, and my best friend (only bridesmaid)
Have the two of us and our families, maybe two or three friends
We won't marry!
Only us and the press!

Finally, quizzes rock. Did you like T H I S O N E?

Yes, it was interesting!
Yes, it was cool!
No, I am not going to be the princess anyway
No, because I will get him anyway