which marauders is your match?

which marauders is your match?

discover your wizarding boyfriend in this short quiz qfeast bullied me into making♥ {edited and ,hopefully, improved}

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First thing first, what house are you in?


Where you would you prefer to meet your match?

Somewhere unexpected
Great Hall

Do you play Quidditch, and if so what's your position?

I can barely stay on a broom with both hands on it!
I'm a seeker, small and fast so i fit the job perfectly
i'm a beater, a damn good one too😏
i watch it often to support my friends, doesn't interest me much personally though

You see someone who you're quite fond of but wouldn't consider a close friend being harassed by someone a lot bigger than them. What do you do?

Call someone for help, i'd rather not get a punch to the face
Immediately jump in to defend them, i may get my ass handed to me but it'll be done proudly😄
Analyze the situation to find out who provoked who, then step in. I always think before i act
Attempt to calm the harraser, if they refuse to then get physical

What's your favorite gemstone?

Definitely diamonds
Sleak black onyx
Pearls, they're classic and beautiful
Rubies are quite eye catching

What's your favorite muggle class?


Imagine you're in Potions and you've been partnered with one of the lads, which would you prefer it be?
(you've been granted a freebie, use it wisely!)

Remus, he always does most of the work
Probably James, he's funny
Sirius, it's fun winding him up
Peter, he's helpful and sweet