Which fruit are you? (Girls only; sorry boys)

Which fruit are you? (Girls only; sorry boys)

This quiz will tell you which fruit fits your personality. I'm not including every single fruit in the world, and I'm not trying to guess your favorite fruit.

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First category: style!

Which words most accurately describe your clothing style?

Soft, patterned, sporty
Bright, colorful, fun
Relaxed, practical, sophisticated
Funny, comfy, pretty
Neon, quirky, funny
Unique, weird, mismatched
Calm, relaxed, comfortable
Patterned, colorful, cute

Which outfit would you most likely wear on a weekend at home?

Sweatpants and a baggy shirt
Neon sweatpants and a colorful sweater
My long-johns and a bathrobe
A tank-top and leggings
A skirt and a fun shirt
A graphic tee and some shorts
My comfy and soft pajamas
A fun shirt and capri pants

Which outfit would you most likely wear to school?

A patterned shirt and ripped jeans
A ruffly top and patterned leggings
Jeans and a solid-colored shirt
A graphic tee and a fun skirt
Loose shorts and a sweater
A neon shirt and overalls
Leggings and a sweater
An animal-print shirt and cutoff shorts

Which outfit would you be most likely to wear on a date?

Skinny jeans and a tank-top
Leggings and a long shirt
A long dress with a black belt
A fun dress
A long skirt and pretty shirt
A bright shirt and glittery skirt
Loose jeans and a gauzy shirt
A cute, sparkly shirt and rhinestoned skinny jeans

Which of these shoes would you rather wear?

Heeled boots
Knee-length boots

Second category: school!

You're running late to school, and when you get there, everyone's already in their classes. Your teacher said that if you were tardy one more time, you'd get in trouble! What do you do?

I hurry to my classroom and apologize to the teacher for being late
I go to class and plead with the teacher to not be mad at me
I head to the classroom and begin work, and when the bell rings, I stay behind - I say, "Mrs. Walker, I'm really sorry
that I'm late once again. I know there are no excuses for my behavior, and I apologize. Would you like me to help
you with anything?"
I go to my classroom and make an excuse as to why I'm late
I head to my classroom and say, "I'm sorry I'm late, Mrs. Walker! Please give me one more chance!"
I burst into tears, call my mom, and scream at her for five minutes that she needs to get me to school more quickly
next time
I go to the classroom and quietly apologize; meanwhile, my face is turning red because everyone's staring at me
I find my friend in the class, motion for them to bail me out, and they cover for me as I slip into the classroom

Your teacher gets mad at you for talking in class, and assigns you a detention. After school, when the detention starts, you're in the hallway, thinking about what to do. What do you do?

I go and spend the entire time fuming at the injustice
I go to the detention and try to butter up the teacher by telling jokes
I head to the detention and take my punishment, of course!
I go, but I pass notes with other people when the teacher isn't looking
I go to the detention and doodle the whole time
I panic and skip the detention, running home instead
I go to the detention and cry the whole time because it's so embarrassing
I go, but secretly text my friends the entire time

Which school subject is your favorite?

Social Studies
Lunch or recess
Art or music
I like them all!

Third category: preferences!

Which of these sounds is your favorite?

Calming music
White noise
Fun music
Animal noises
The ocean
Crickets chirping

Which of these scents is your favorite?

Apple pie
Any fruity scent
Fresh linen, or maybe vanilla
Fresh cut grass, or freshly chopped wood
The ocean

Which of these pets would you rather have?

Guinea pig

Where would you rather live?

In the woods
Near all my friends, of course!
In a beach house
In the city!
In the middle of the countryside
Probably somewhere wild and far away, like a jungle
On a farm
In the suburbs

Which element is your favorite?


Which setting is your favorite?

My nice, warm, house
Anywhere fun!