Which Mob of the Dead character are you?

Which Mob of the Dead character are you?

Are you Al "Weasel" Arlington the fearful but smart,Billy Handsome the strong,Sal DeLuca the mob boss,or Micheal "Finn" O'Leary the unforgiving?

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Which weapon do you want?

DSR 50 because of Deadshot Daquiry and PaP.
Death Machine because it TEARS through zombie flesh!!!
The Tommi Gun because of it's an SMG and it feels more like my purpose.
Galil because of its ammo,Double Tap,and PaP.

You are on the Bridge 2 Brutus have spawned on round 30.You can PaP but you want Speed Cola and Juggernog.You have 5,567 points.What do you do??

You use your smarts and run for the Electric Chairs and get Speed and Jugg.
You tear through the 2 Brutus and PaP your weapon.
You use the Retriever on one Brutus and use shoot the other one and head to Jugg and Speed.
You PaP your weapon,then immediately head back to get points.

Which is your favorite perk????

Deadshot Daquiri because of my sniper rifle.
Juggernog because it makes me stonger!
Double Tap because I have an SMG and it can rack up points.
Electric Cherry because it has an electric charge and when I'm cornered.

What is your favorite drop?

Double points I need do to the weapon I have.
The NUKE it goes BOOM!!!!!
Insta-Kill because I can rack up points.
Max ammo because my weapon runs out guickly

Do you like how the denizen screams were in the trailer??(Pls say no)

No...they are a worthless piece of garbage.
No no no no
Oh no I don't!

There is a craller on the right.What do you do?

Be smart and buy Jugg and PaP your weapon.
Rip the crawler to shreds.
Repair the defences and stuff damaged by Brutus.
Go to Afterlife and turn on the power boxes.

Which character is your favorite character?

The Weasel
Billy Handsome
Sal DeLuca

You have the Gondala ready.But you need that plane piece.what do you do?

Get the plane piece then use the Gondala.
Just take the Gondala.
I need the plane piece so I grab it.
Do nothing and kill zombies.

Which one?Brutus or regular zombies?

Zombies because they provide points.
Brutus cuase he drops a NUKE!!!
Brutus do to Insta-Kill
Regular zombies they drop max ammos.

Which do you think you better represent?

Albert "Weasel" Arlington
Billy Handsome
Salvatore DeLuca
Micheal "Finn" O'Leary