What animal are you? (48)

What animal are you? (48)

I know I've already made a couple of these, but still. Have fun taking it!

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Okay, I'll start with the painfully obvious: What color do you relate to the most?

Determined red
Funny orange
Intelligent yellow
Unique green
Stable blue
Peaceful purple

What's your favorite food?

Something uncommon, like starfruit
Something tasty, like meat
Something healthy, like a salad
Something plain, like a sandwich
Something sweet, like honey
Something fresh, like apples

What's your clothing style?

Something bright and patterned
I wear whatever's trendy at the moment
Whatever I can find that goes together
Jeans and a t-shirt, I guess
Anything comfy
Something goofy and colorful

How do you relax after a stressful day?

By reading or writing
By spending time outside
By spending time alone
By spending time with my family
By chatting with my friends
It depends

When you're shopping, which accessory would you be most likely to buy?

A neon phone case
A belt
A new pair of glasses
A watch
Some fun jewelry
I don't like wearing accessories

Which activity would you most like to join?

Essay contest
Book club
A group text with my friends
I don't enjoy joining activities

Your parents say you're moving across the country. What's your reaction?

I break down in tears. I'll never see my friends again!
I try to force my parents not to move.
I say goodbye to my friends, but it's not really that big of a deal.
I comfort my sibling - they're upset, but I'm not.
Cool! A chance to explore new places.
Good! I was getting bored of this place, anyway.

Choose one word to describe yourself.


What is your biggest fear (out of these)?

Being forgotten
Being bored
Not being successful
Losing my family
Everyone hating me

What most accurately describes your social life?

I have a lot of friends and I'm really popular
I have many friends and you could say I'm popular
I have a group of friends and I'm kind of popular
I have a circle of friends and I'm not that popular
I have a few close friends and you wouldn't be able to say I'm popular
I have little/no friends and people know who I am, but I'm not POPULAR.

What sets you apart from everyone else?

Pretty much everything
Sometimes I can be a bully
I'm way smarter than everyone else
Nothing. I'm exactly like everyone else.
I'm really shy and I never try to make new friends
Well, I'm more popular than everyone else, if that's what you mean

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Somewhere exotic, like Thailand
Somewhere fun, like the USA
Somewhere interesting, like Japan
Somewhere calm, like India
Somewhere romantic, like France
I'd rather stay right where I am, thank you