what werewolf are you ?

what werewolf are you ?

this is a quiz where you will find out what type of werewolf breed you really are.

published on July 07, 201483 responses 16
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what do you eat?

deer,elk,rabbit and other standerd prey.
anything really i don't care.
i eat humans and vampires but i can eat a deer or two...
i'm ok with a elk or cow i try to stay away from humans though.

do you like humans?

i hate them but they do make a good meal though.
not really i try not to hurt anybody but i can't help it.
i protect them its my job to.
i don't mess with them and they don't mess with me.

are you angry most of the time?

no. i'm always relaxed.
All the time!

how much control do you have over your transformations ?

full control.
i can control it but i need to transform once a week to control my tranformations.
i transform randomly and on the full moon.
i have no control.i only transform on the full moon

what would your wolf self look like.

a normal wolf but larger.
a four legged,long ribbed bearish look.
two legged, wolf like tail and wolfish head.
humanoid,large teeth,large patch of fur on body.