Would Sarah and Shadow like you

Would my OC, Sarah, and Shadow, the Ultimate Life From, like you as a friend, find out in this personality test! :)

published on April 017 responses 3
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Sarah: Hello! Welcome to our quiz! This is my 1st quiz, so, It might be bad...
Shadow: Alright. 1st question. What's your favourite color
Sarah: Seriously, Shadow.
Shadow: What. It's the 1st thing I could think of.

Purple or Black. I can't decide!
Sarah: Yup, you're on fire right now, girl!
What type of question is that. PINK ALL THE WAY!
Shadow: Pink's the worst...
I gotta say blue, or green
Shadow: Green... remind me of someone...
Sarah: Lemme guess, Scrouge.

Sarah: 2nd Question! What do you think of Eggman
Shadow: Of course you asked that question
Sarah: What, it's not my fault I was raised by him

I hate him! He's such a fat weirdo
Sarah: Say that ONE more flippin' time, I swear-
Shadow: Sarah, chill...
Meh. He's ok...
Sarah: Ok, I see your point
I like him. I'm evil, just like him.
Sarah: Ok, you 2 would get along sooo well!
Shadow: If you wanna see him, he's right in that corner.
Eggman: I can HEAR you guys, y'know

Sarah: Hey, dad. Since you're in that corner, what about you ask the next question
Eggman: Ok! What do think about Robots
Shadow: Doctor... just why..
Sarah: Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I'm dating him
Eggman: You're WHAT-

They're AWESOME!!! I want one to get revenge on someone...
Eggman: Ok! That will be $100,000,000
You: Wait, WHAT THE F*CK
They're ok... I guess
Eggman: JUST OK!!
Sarah: Yup, this is my type of girl
Shadow: Hmph! * smirks *
I hate 'em...
Eggman: WHAT!!! You shall suffer
Sarah: How dare you...

Sarah: Ok, moving on... * Sonic crashes through the front door *
Sonic: I have a question
Shadow: * facepalm * Who invited the faker...
Sonic: So, what do you think about me

Sonic: Looks like she's a super fan...
Shadow: How could you love a FAKER like him
Sarah: Yeah, I'd rather ship SonAmy rather than you 2.
Sonic: Not helping...
He's cool, but Shadow and Sarah are cooler...
Sarah: Take THAT, sucker
Sonic: Well, at least you didn't call me a faker
Meh. He's pretty cool... But I'd like to see SonAmy happen...
Sonic: Don't. You. Dare!
Sarah nad Shadow: Sonic and Amy, sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G.
Sarah and Shadow: * laughs *

Sarah: ok, last one
Shadow: Nuuuuu
Sarah: But, we've got a special guest
Amy: Hey guys!
Shadow: Why her
Sarah: She's my bestie! Got a problem with that
Amy: My question is... Do you like my Piko Piko hammer, or Sarah's Spiky Spike hammer

I like the Piko Piko better... Also, I love the Pink fur
Amy: Awww, thanks!
Sarah: Well, at least my BFF got a compliment ;)
I hate both of them. I think Harley's is better
Sarah: Can we kill her, dad
Eggman: After this quiz
I LOVE the Spiky Spike hammer. I think all hammers should have spikes
Sarah: Same!
Shadow: Yeah, but she also uses Dark Magic and Guns
You: OMG! You use Dark Magic AND guns. I SO like you
Sarah: Yeah, I get that a lot.