Does He Have a Crush On Me? (1)

I apologize for no picture for this. This is intended for only girls, but if boys want to, they may do this quiz. Acuracy is your opinion. These all will be based off of my experience in 5th, 6th, 7th, and some of my 8th grade years. Enjoy! :)

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Does he try to sit next to you or around you in class?

Yes, all the time to almost every time.
No, he tries to stay as far away from me as possible.
Well it's hard to tell. He'll sit next to me or around me in class.

Does he complement you?

Yes, even if I just failed miserably at it.
He'll do it if it has a meaning to it. Such as me a hundred percenting a test, he'll say "Good job!".

Are you friends with the person you suspicion has a crush on you?

No not really. He tries to hang around me as much as possible, and/or tries to complement me a lot.
Yup, but he does try to sit around me in class and complement me a lot.
No, we just aren't around each other a lot.

Does he like to do things with you?

Yes, but we're friends and friends like to do things together.
Yea, it's a bit odd too...
I don't know, we've hardly even have spoken to each other.
Yes, but I hardly speak to him.

Do you both have the same interests?

Yes, but I hardly talk to him and wouldn't consider him a friend.
No, but we're still buds.
Kinda some stuff kinda none, but we're buds.
Yes pretty much everything, and we're buds.