Would I like you! (Boys Only)

this is a quiz where i see if you are fit enough for me to like you! lets get this started!

published on December 28, 201518 responses 2

Do you play video games?

All the damn time missy!
No, i rather do sports
No, but I do watch anime (me: rlly?)

Do you like sports?

Hate 'em, i rather run on my own or with friends
Kinda, but i'm not that into them

Rp time! So it is a gloomy night, and your crush is beside you, she says "It's eerie out here." what do you say?

"Don't worry, ill protect you"
"I know right"
"It ain't that scary"
"Are you crazy?" (me: that would be kinda rude ya know)

Do you know NoCopyrightSounds??

Nope, no clue
Yes! they are an awesome music label!
i know a bit of their songs

Do you watch/listen (to) youtube?

Yes! love it too bits!
I watch youtubers
I listen to music
whats youtube? (me: are you crazy?!)

Almost last! What are you out of these?

Swagger Jagger!
None of the above

What do you like to do instead of 'Gaming'? (or if you game at all)

I don't game, but i love sports
I don't game, and i hate sports
Hang out with friends
Listen to music
None of the above

I'm sorry, what's your favourite color?

Blue, Green
Blue or something
Red purple
None of the above

What do you consider yourself?

Smart, funny, awesome af!
Smart, nice, cool
Sporty, nice, yet bad
none of the above

K i have no more ideas, cya l8er!

Bye bye!
Whateves m8!