What Spy Academy Character Are You?

What Spy Academy Character Are You?

Spy Academy was a roleplay game created by Katie and Amber in 2009. Two spies, along with their friends and instructors at the Spy Academy, had to save the world from an evil principal :)

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What nationality are you?

German...yeah gurl :D
Evil >:)
That's classified information...
Fight me.
Yo man I'm from tha hood.
Daddy what's a nationality? :'(

What color hair do you have?

What color hair do you have?
Brown is so smexy ;D
I don't have hair...
Idk, it's too greasy too know for sure.

What are your interests?

What are your interests?
World domination! >:)
Rap & Hip Hop
Swimming in my toilet.

What personality best describes you?

Kind, caring, a little sarcastic
Brave, ambitious
Gay as a rainbow :D
Inventive, optimistic
Sneaky, quiet
Pure evil
Serious, responsible
Athletic, funny
Cool, ghetto, chill
Generous, helpful, selfless
Dirty, greasy
Stupid, pathetic

*Roleplay* Before you joined the Spy Academy, you were most likely...

Living the average life, no boyfriend/girlfriend.
Living the average life of an average teenager with your boyfriend Ricardo.
Working at a local tavern.
Working out and playing sports.
Trying to survive the hood.
Working at a fast food restaurant.
Failing at life.

*Roleplay* The genies, Jonto and Rasheed, will grant you three wishes. What do you wish for?

*Roleplay* The genies, Jonto and Rasheed, will grant you three wishes. What do you wish for?
A mansion
More wishes
The newest phone, computer, etc.
An army of psycho clowns to help you take over the world.
Your very own gym.
Pizza and a chance to join your favorite band.
I am a genie. So...
A new toilet, new underwear, a boyfriend/girlfriend, an endless supply of juice boxes...I don't know how to
count :'(

What best describes your life?

I care too much. Like I care about everyone, no matter who they are. I can't help it.
I want everything my way. I want to take over the world.
I love my family but they expect too much from me. My siblings do everything better than I can. I want to
follow my dreams, but I don't want to disappoint my family.
I do what I want. I don't care about other people.
I love helping other people and making them happy, even if there's nothing in it for me.
I fail at everything. No one wants to be my friend, I can't get a date. I just fail at life.
I don't have a lot of money or a nice house, but I'm chill. I like music and dream about being famous.

*Roleplay* What would you name you child/children?

*Roleplay* What would you name you child/children?
Dayshawn, Shaniqua, and Latasha
Cyber and Jackson

*Roleplay* The world is ending. What do you do?

Wait for the head agent's instructions.
Ignore orders and do what I think is right.
Use technology to stop the psycho clowns that are attacking the cities.
Cry and hide behind my boyfriend/girlfriend or mom/dad
I'm the one ending it >:)
Take charge, make plans, and give everyone orders.
Take your family and closest friends and hide.
Order a pizza. The world is ending so you might not have to pay for it!

What is the most important to you?

Doing the right thing.
Being the best agent there ever was.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Having a good time, doing what I want.
Taking over the world.
Being a role model.
Making my family proud.
Being cool
Making other people's dreams come true.
Definitely not taking a shower.
My toilet :'(

Pick a quote.

Pick a quote.
"You're horrible...and so is my crap!"
"Ok how are you going to beat me up? You're like the size of my foot!"
"Here ya go dollface!" :3
"My new boyfriend is awesome! He's obsessed with neatly tied shoelaces! They turn him on!" :D
"Jimi says C!"
"Oh my god...there is diarrhea IN HER MEAL! Call the SWAT team! Somebody had too many carrots for lunch!"
"Get in the chill zone."
"That is one smart ass genie."
*taking a test*
Teacher: "Is Dirty Dave stupid?"
Dirty Dave: *cheats off Jimi's test* Yes!
"Omg guys the car is starting! Hold on to your underwear!"

*Real Life* Best behind the scenes moment while we were roleplaying Spy Academy? :)

*Real Life* Best behind the scenes moment while we were roleplaying Spy Academy? :)
Katie and Amber act like lesbians in public (we were roleplaying) and a random lady was staring at us the whole time. I was like "I love you dollface!" and Amber was like "You too honeybuns!"
Amber and Katie decorate a real locker for the gay couple "Fredro" (Frederick & Pedro).
A stuffed penguin gets thrown into a dirty toilet by accident when we were doing one of the fight scenes.
Amber was using one of her baby dolls for a scene. She threw it under a picnic table and when we picked it up again there were like a hundred maggots in its hair.
When we went on a mission to see who could steal the most donuts. Amber won x3
When we threw "Jimi" (the action figure) across the room and didn't find him until 2 years later lol.
When Amber made "genie crap" and her brother asked what a genie was. Like come on how do you not know? Lol
When we were on a mission in "Germany" and no one was even speaking German.
When we were roleplaying at a hotel and met 2 black girls named Mahama and Adeen and a creepy black guy named Oscar who told us to "Stop playin' games on the pho."
When Amber locked me in her shower and turned on the shower cleaner o.o
When the silly putty we were using almost got stuck on a random lady's butt in a hotel dining room.