What dessert are you? (5)

What dessert are you? (5)

I'm SUPER bored, so I made a poll about what quiz I should make. This has one vote. Good enough for me! Have fun taking it!

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Where can you be found on a Friday night?

Taking a walk
At home with my family
Spending time alone in my room
Playing a game with my sibling
Out with my friends
At a party

Which pet fits your personality the most?


What's one thing that you could never live without?

I can't choose!

RP time!

It's Saturday, and you just woke up at 6:00 in the morning. You remember you have a big project due on Monday, and you haven't even started it yet! Your teacher says 50% of your grade depends on this project! What do you do?

I tell myself I'll do it all on Sunday, and then I spend the rest of the day lounging around at home
Start working on the project, duh!
I get really stressed out and have a panic attack, but end up just spending the day with my friends
Psh, who cares about the project? I call my friends and we plan a day of shopping.
6:00! I wouldn't be up by then! I'd sleep until noon!
What do you mean, "remember"? I wouldn't be able to remember the project! I'd have forgotten already!

Fast-forward to Wednesday the next week.

You arrive at school and your friend invites you to cut class with them and spend the day at the mall. What do you do?

Say yes, but go back to school after an hour
Seriously? I'd stay at school! My mom would be so disappointed in me if she found out otherwise!
Briefly consider it before declining - as much as I hate school, I don't want to get caught
Reluctantly accept - I want to please them!
Accept their offer, of course! School is boring!
I go with them, and we shoplift a few things from the mall while we're at it

RP ending, sorry!

Which shirt would you rather wear?

A fuzzy sweater
A plaid button-up
A patterned t-shirt
A striped long-sleeved shirt
A graphic tee
Probably a sparkly tank-top

Out of these, which pants would you rather wear?

Fleece pants
Boot-cut jeans
Skinny jeans
A cute skirt

Which shoes would you rather wear?

Heeled boots
High heels

Which piece of jewelry would you rather wear? (If you're a boy, just choose which one you like best.)

A heart necklace
A locket
A charm bracelet
A diamond ring

What do you hate the most, out of these?

Loud people
When people don't appreciate what I do for them
Whenever my friends aren't home
Boring people