are you a dauntless

Test to see if you really are who you think you are. Be brave the first Times the hardest

published on September 15, 201446 responses 6 3.0★ / 5

If you're ordered to be executed you?

Find a weapon and haul ass out
Just die
Wait for someone to rescue you
Staul until you think of a plan
Stare them down

One of your fears in your fear landscape is?

One of your fears in your fear landscape is?

Why did you pick to be a dauntless

I wanted to be tough
I look like one
To escape a childhood
You want to be a warrior
Just cuz

You're getting screamed at for not winning a fight you?

Argue that your good
Just take it
Avoid eye contact
Not look at that person for the rest of initiation

There's one piece of cake left and the person In front of you takes it and your pissed what do you do?

Bitchh slap them and grab the cake
Stare them down until they give it to you
Choke them and grab the cake